More beautiful life: Debbie finally reveals her big secret to Laetitia?

Nothing is going well in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, Laetitia will quickly discover that in reality Valentin is married to … Debbie. Shock !

Things are accelerating in “More beautiful life”. Indeed, Laetitia will discover that Valentine is not the one she thought. In fact, he shares the life of his partner… Debbie. It is besides the latter who will tell him everything. MCE TV shows you everything.

More beautiful life: Romain and Ariane sleep together

Every week, aficionados of “Plus belle la vie” are there to follow the daily life of their favorite characters. In just a few months, Romain Vidal has even become the darling of the series.

It must be said that the attractive doctor has it all. Very attentive to others, he always does his utmost to help his neighbor. But behind his confidence, there is also a heavy secret.

Estelle’s partner has Huntington’s disease time had suicidal thoughts. But this summer, the young man exceeded his limits to best help his companions in misfortune. Like Céline, Bilal, Claude, Fanny, and Laetitia!

After being stranded on an island belonging to the French army, the joyful troop had to fight to survive. Add to that the family Soubeyrand who also lived on the spot made them live a real hell so that they flee.

In the meantime, Fanny discovered that the place had something to do with her past. One thing leading to another, this place helped her to find out more as for the tragic disappearance of his father.

In the turmoil, she was able to count on the help of Alexandre, her new darling… To the chagrin of Romain who was not insensitive to her charm. However, the doctor Vidal has decided to turn the page.

And to do so, nothing better than a new romance. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, after having made a statement to the police station about his misadventures, Romain tried to seduce Ariane. And he succeeded with flying colors! So much so that the duo spent the night together…

More beautiful life: Debbie finally reveals her big secret to Laetitia?
More beautiful life: Debbie finally reveals her big secret to Laetitia?

Laetitia will fall from above

Other intrigues in “Plus belle la vie” focused on the castaways obviously unleashed passions. One of them was also focused on Laetitia!

After his return to Marseille, Kévin’s mother finally decided to give Valentine a new chance. Despite their mad passion, the latter has always gone to the 4 corners of the world to manage his business.

To be forgiven, her lover always covers her with gifts. But it is not not enough for Luna’s employee!

Jerome’s widow would like that he invests more in their relationship. At the last news in “Plus belle la vie”, Jacob’s colleague met Debbie who introduced herself to her as Valentine’s partner.

Elegant and self-confident, the young woman had to cachet… In fact, she is also Valentine’s wife! But to this day they are separated.

To close their divorce, she also claims a good chunk of her ex’s fortune. And the businesswoman does not hesitate to threaten him to reveal everything to his new sweetheart to make him bend.

Soon in “More beautiful life”, Debbie will finally reveal everything to Laetitia who will fall from above … Is this the end of her story with Valentin? Or will she give him the opportunity to explain himself? You will know it in the next episode of the show …