More beautiful life: Caesar on the verge of losing everything in the series?

This is the end of a big plot of Plus belle la vie. Baptiste is walled up alive and Caesar is in dire straits for the future.

That’s it, the hour of denouement has sounded in Plus belle la vie. One of the main intrigues concerning Jacob, Emma, ​​Baptist, Camille and Caesar will come to an end. And we does not know if Baptiste will survive there. We tell you more in this article

Caesar’s plan fails

For years, César has been in love with Emma in Plus belle la vie. When the latter decided to marry Baptiste, he was on the verge of committing suicide. So, for some time, the young man has been doing everything possible to recover the young woman.

And it worked pretty well when the Emma’s husband cheated on her with Barbara. The couple was not going at all and the young man was fleeing more and more leaving Emma in the dark. But Caesar wanted to go much too far.

Seeing that this solution was not final, he asked Jacob to wall up Baptiste alive in Plus belle la vie. Indeed, for some time now Caesar has been blackmailing Jacob. Threatening him to report him to the police if he doesn’t do what he wants.

And Jacob had no idea who it might be. But this time, he demands the suppression of the evidence against him. So, decided to end it to find a normal life, he walled up Baptiste after kidnapping him. Caesar blames himself a bit.

He knows the young man will suffer for days before he dies. For her part, Camille panics. She knows what’s going on but doesn’t really know how to react in Plus belle la vie. Above all that Kevin manipulates her to get information.

More beautiful life / Caesar on the verge of losing everything in the series?
More beautiful life / Caesar on the verge of losing everything in the series?

More beautiful life: everything will end badly?

Caesar tries everything for everything in Plus belle la vie. He offers Emma to run away with him to Australia. He even tries to kiss her. But the latter pushes him away, far too worried for her husband. This one has been missing for a few hours.

She worries and feels that something is wrong. Barbara has no more news. Kevin, who is actually undercover tries to get Camille to confess everything to him. But he wants to go too fast and she points and leaves.

For his part, the policeman blames himself for manipulating her. Especially since he’s starting to really like the young woman. He doesn’t know how to react but wants to find his friend Baptiste. It is now a race against time that is played out in Plus belle la vie.

And everything could end very badly for Caesar. It was he who asked for the death of Baptiste. And that will sooner or later be known. So the young man will he think of suicide as after Emma’s marriage? It could be a possibility.

In any case, the actress of Barbara confided to Allô Ciné to have been very surprised by the end of this intrigue. She even said she almost fell from her chair! So what does this ending have in store for us? The writers play on our nerves. We will still have to wait. Case to follow.