More beautiful life: Alison does not want to take care of Nisma and Bilal!

The sequel to Plus belle la vie is likely to thrill viewers. Alison will in particular refuse to take care of Nisma and Bilal.

The next episode of More beautiful life promises to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, Alison will refuse to take care of Nisma and Bilal. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article is likely to contain SPOILERS!

A disturbing disappearance in Plus belle la vie

It has now been over 15 years since More beautiful life delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! Hubert Besson’s creation brings together all the elements necessary for a successful soap opera.

Between well-crafted plots, characters with interesting personalities and breathtaking settings. The France 3 series makes unanimity among fans of the genre.

However, competition is stiff in the field. Here it all begins, Such a bright sun, Tomorrow belongs to us. Soaps are more and more numerous on French channels.

But do not panic ! More beautiful life manages to stay the course. And this, thanks to extraordinary stories which are linked together brilliantly.

This week, aficionados go elsewhere witnessing overwhelming episodes. Eh yes ! Abdel’s disappearance turned the Mistral upside down.

As a reminder, the young man did not react well to Lamia’s wedding. Behavior that Nisma did not like. Neither one nor two, the teenager did not mince words to put his ideas back in place.

Words that she seems to regret today. Indeed, after wishing for his death, the son of Karim did eventually disappear.

Besides, uteasing video uploaded by France TV allowed us to find out in advance that something serious had happened.

Abdel’s bloody jacket was found. And a ceremony in his honor will be organized. MCE TV tells you more about the sequel to More beautiful life.

More beautiful life: Alison does not want to take care of Nisma and Bilal!
More beautiful life: Alison does not want to take care of Nisma and Bilal!

Alison will lose custody of Nisma and Bilal

But while Abdel is still nowhere to be found, another intrigue is likely to punctuate the next episodes of More beautiful life. Indeed, Alison risks lose custody of Nisma and Bilal.

Again, this is a video uploaded by France TV which allowed us to discover this extract. In the images, we then see Barbara.

The latter informs her friend thata “Possible parental review” is possible concerning the two young people. A news that does neither hot nor cold to Alison.

The young woman will not hesitate to say: « I am not their mother (…) It was complicated to bond with them (…) It is not easy every day. “

Words that will not fail to shock Barbara. Angry at the reaction of her friend, the pretty blonde will then try to shake Alison. She will explain thatit is important to find Nisma and Bilal and do everything to protect them.

A story that promises to thrill viewers. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that the continuation of More beautiful life will be unanimous on the small screen. Case to be continued …


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