More beautiful life: Adriana Karembeu kisses Romain in the series!

Adriana Karembeu has only just arrived in “Plus belle la vie”. And yet, she’s already turned a few heads.

Adriana Karembeu and Romain will (very soon) kiss in the last episode of your favorite soap opera: “Plus belle la vie”. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Adriana Karembeu and Romain got closer

If you are a big fan of “Plus belle la vie”, you will surely know that Romain is in the process of retraining. Initially a doctor, the latter has justbe spotted by a photographer. Yes, yes, the handsome brunette is considering a career as a top model.

During the last episode, the latter had his very first shoot. He thus had the honor of pose with the tall and beautiful Adriana Karembeu, who has just landed in the series.

However, Romain did not recognize him at all! He was way too stressed out. But that did not offend the star. Quite the contrary! It would seem that she is totally fell in love with her.

After the shoot, the two models therefore decided to go for a drink to get to know better. And against all odds, the feeling went very well. They will, subsequently, considered going further. And the kiss will happen very quickly.

And you, what do you think of this future couple, in “Plus belle la vie”? To the editorial staff of MCE TV in any case, we totally approve of their budding relationship.

More beautiful life: Adriana Karembeu kisses Romain in the series!
More beautiful life: Adriana Karembeu kisses Romain in the series!

The actors of “Plus belle la vie” confide

During various interviews, Adriana Karembeu and the interpreter of Romain (Simon Ehrlacher) confided about the romantic scenes they shot together, in “Plus belle la vie”. The young lady confessed to being very intimidated.

“I have shot romantic scenes in the past, but it’s not regular. So it remains intimidating for me because it’s not my job. To be successful, I tried to be as sincere as possible and to express the true feelings and emotions that I felt in my life in order to project them on my partner. The rest came naturally. “, she explained in particular to our colleagues from TvMag.

Our colleagues from TV-Leisure also asked the interpreter of Romain what he had felt when he kissed Adriana Karembeu in “Plus belle la vie”.

To which he replied: “It’s exceptional (laughs). Who has the privilege of kissing the most beautiful woman in the world ? No, it’s a privilege… I’m lucky! “.

But this osmosis could not have been possible without the connection that there was between Adriana Karembeu and the interpreter of Romain. “We saw each other directly the first day of the set. We didn’t have the opportunity to see each other the day before because she wanted to work on her side. “, he said.

Before adding: “What was important was to immediately put her at ease, that things are going well between us. I know that when you arrive on a new project, you always have the stress of doing well. “.

Anyway, we hope that their agreement will continue in order to offer fans of “Plus belle la vie” a love story worthy of the great movies. To be continued !


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