More beautiful life: Abdel recovers a bag of weapons and false passports!

Abdel is in danger in Plus belle la vie. The lawyer is undercover in a radicalized mosque. And it could go wrong.

Abdel is finally alive. Which is good news in Plus belle la vie. But the latter is charged with a mission which is not simple. He must go all the way to save his life. In parallel, Barbara does her best with Nisma and her brother.

Abdel’s mission

Everyone thought he was dead. But it is not. Indeed, to save his life, Abdel must render Imene a service. Indeed, because of him her husband died. The young woman therefore wanted revenge on him in Plus belle la vie.

But in the end, she has a compromise for him. Her girl becomes radicalized, she does not know where she is. So if the lawyer can get his daughter back, she’ll leave him alone. Abdel accepts, so he has to go undercover and change his identity.

So he pretends to be a jihadist returned from Syria to infiltrate the mosque. He falls on Redouane who unwittingly helps him get closer to the goal. But this mission is very dangerous. Especially since Barbara finds him, but so does Nisma.

And his cover must not be blown off. So each time the lawyer pretends not to recognize them. He could well be in danger of death if spotted. While waiting for her return, Barbara tries to take good care of Nisma and her brother.

Because Alison is not here. So she pretends to be her so that the social worker does not alert. It works. But Nisma doesn’t put a lot of goodwill into Plus belle la vie. On the other hand, she wants to help Abdel at all costs.

More beautiful life: Abdel in dirty sheets

Abdel is progressing in his mission in Plus belle la vie. He learns that Redouane has been entrusted with a very important mission. So, of course, the lawyer tries to find out more. But he gets caught because it just asks too many questions.

So he decides to put laxative in the tea from Redouane. Given his condition, Muwaffaq thinks that it is too dangerous for him to carry out the mission. He wouldn’t make it to the end. He therefore decides to entrust it to Abdel. It consists of sleeping with a certain Gabriel.

Then, the next day, he will have to bring back a package. All this without being detected by the police of course! The lawyer therefore goes to the address we have just given him. When he opens the bag he has to bring back he finds plenty of passports there.

He therefore realizes that these are false passports. What’s more, the bag also contains weapons. Abdel begins to panic a little in Plus belle la vie. The mission begins to overtake him. How is he going to get out of it?

To find out it will therefore be necessary to watch the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. Because when leaving Gabriel’s place, he comes face to face with Nisma. So he pretends not to recognize her. But the girl is not going to let go of the case.


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