More beautiful life: Abdel is still in great danger in the series!

Abdel begins to understand what is happening to him! Kidnapped and tied up in Plus belle la vie, he discovers a detail that will change everything …

How could Abdel to find oneself in such a situation ? While trying to fight against an arranged marriage in Plus belle la vie, he finds himself tied up by a stranger… MCETV explains the rest of the adventures he will have to face!

A not so unknown logo …

Because Abdel goes from all to all in a few episodes. Ready to fight against arranged marriages and prejudices, he suddenly finds himself in danger. Stunned, tied up, he realizes thata woman holds him hostage. But he doesn’t know why.

He therefore seeks to probe it in order to understand the spirit of revenge which animates it. While discussing with his kidnapper, Abdel finds the flaw: he’s talking about this woman’s husband. Suddenly, she changes tone and is much more aggressive.

Knowing that he has just found a sensitive point, the lawyer adds more. Less serene, the mysterious woman then reveals her cards in Plus belle la vie. It does indeed reveal a badge … A logo that Abdel knows very well.

Suddenly, everything comes back to him. Because this logo is none other than that of the prison administration. Prison, a dead husband: the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, until everything is clear to him: he killed this woman’s husband.

Several years ago, Abdel indeed lost his mother in Plus belle la vie. A gang killed her in front of her eyes, before the police intervened. Hungry for revenge, he then blow up the van that brought this gang to jail.

Everyone died in the accident. The prison escorts including … And among these escorts, there was therefore the husband of her kidnapper. Abdel then knows how to speak with Imène, which will eventually open up to him.

More beautiful life Abdel is still in great danger in the series!
More beautiful life Abdel is still in great danger in the series!

More beautiful life: a pact to save a girl

Abdel never really knew how to forgive himself for the death of Imene’s husband. She waited almost four years before putting her revenge plan into action. Indeed, a problem prevented him from concentrating on the fate she wanted to reserve for the lawyer: her daughter.

Since the death of her father, the teenager seems more and more distant… She is indeed sinking into a radical Islam, and is preparing to go to Syria to jihad. Plus belle la vie tackles a very sensitive subject… But Abdel is one of the most solid characters.

So he promises Imene to bring his daughter back if she unties him. This time, the lawyer found an even more sensitive point: Imene seems ready to do anything to see her daughter again. She therefore lets Abdel go, who feels he has a mission: to save the young girl.

This mission suits him very well, and fans of the Most Beautiful Life can be sure: he will give everything to come to his rescue. Barely released by Imene, he therefore infiltrates a group of jihadists by making believe that he himself returns from Syria …

Abdel puts himself in danger, but seems ready to do anything to repair his fault. Will Imene see her daughter again? In all cases, Abdel has just jumped from one danger to another !


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