More beautiful life: a character is making his comeback in the series!

General alert! A key figure in Plus belle la vie is making a big comeback in the saga. You’ll see, it’s worth the detour.

More beautiful life continues to unleash passions! Last I heard, a key figure in fiction will soon make its big comeback. MCE TV shows you everything.

More beautiful life: Vidal saved little Aurora

At the moment, the intrigues are linked in More beautiful life ! Lately, Boher has finally found the doctor Vidal to operate on his daughter.

Remember, Adriana Karembeu’s ex had been kidnapped by the Soubeyrand family. Because of « black out », electricity is lacking throughout the region.

Fortunately, Baptiste succeeded in making a system with bicycles that can produce them! A good idea which has also made the happiness of many Mistraliens.

After countless twists and turns, Alexander’s father finally accepted the pact of Jean-Paul. In exchange, he wanted members of his clan to be treated in the hospital!

Request accepted by the police … But also by Doctor Riva. In this time of crisis, solidarity is therefore essential!

In one of the last episodes of More beautiful life, Francois and Thomas Marci also ended up making peace. Indeed, Barbara’s sidekick has decided to add water to his wine since his eldest son saved his life …

Same Mirta finds it hard to believe in this miracle! For his part, Blanche’s ex seems to want to move forward.

It remains to be seen if this good agreement will last … In any case, this situation should please Roland Marci if he signs his big comeback in More beautiful life.

More beautiful life: a character is making his comeback in the series!
More beautiful life: a character is making his comeback in the series!

This character will still make sparks

Other characters are featured in More beautiful life. Like Luna Torres!

Mirta’s daughter continues to masterly rule the Celestial. In the turmoil, she agreed to welcome in her establishment all people in need.

With all these small people, she has no time to be bored! The last days, Rudy’s mom was at its worst.

After having lived countless adventures with Sacha, she fell from the clouds when she learned that he would soon leave the Mistral. Indeed, the famous journalist will follow his darling Victoire to Bordeaux.

Heart wise, Luna suffered that some men were put off because of her handicap. From Pavel in More beautiful life, the young lady no longer invested in a relationship.

Because of all this, Jeanne’s sidekick ended up having a terrible depression. She even wanted to end it… That is to say!

But soon in More beautiful life, Luna will have to hang on … Indeed, the Celestial is going to be hit by a terrible explosion.

Unsurprisingly, there will be many victims… Following this tragedy, the manager of the hotel is going to have an interview with Julien Barraut, deputy mayor.

But also Anémone Vitreuil! Without make-up, the businesswoman and the politician go to him explain that they want to buy back his establishment damaged by the shock.

The latter have an urban planning project … But this idea appeals to Luna. Knowing their vision of the world, not sure that she gives up the Celestial. Case to be continued in Plus belle la vie!


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