Monster Hunter: the film will not be released in our theaters

monster hunter

Expected in French cinemas on April 28, 2021, the film adaptation Monster Hunter finally cancels its arrival and goes directly through the EST – VOD and DVD box.

The latest film by duo Paul WS Anderson and Milla Jovovich will skip our cinemas. Instead, it will be available from April 7 in EST, then April 28 in VOD and DVD, BR, and 4K. Allociné journalists relaid information.

In this film voted as the worst of the year by IGN, Milla Jovovich plays Captain Nathalie Artemis in command of a squad projected into a parallel world populated by monsters.

In the United States, the film produced with a $ 60 million budget made its debut on the weekend of December 18. And in three days of operation, it will have generated only a modest amount of $ 2.2 million in revenue. The health crisis is, of course, for something.

As a reminder, the film adaptation spilled ink as soon as it was released on Chinese soil last December. For a good reason, a dialogue of ten seconds considered racist by the spectators, who saw in it a reference to an old Anglo-Saxon rhyme. The film had been removed from local programming.


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