Mobile phone plan. This CRAZY offer at € 4.99 destroys the entire market 🔥

That’s it, Black Friday is officially launched. If general e-merchants are active with discounts in all directions, a few telecom operators also post prices worthy of this event. For those who want to save money and end their year, you shouldn’t miss this Prixtel mobile plan.

I take advantage of the offer

The MVNO Prixtel has just unveiled yesterday afternoon a series of new discounts on its three mobile plans: The small, The large and The giant. They are non-binding and rely on the SFR network. Their price has just fallen even further: you will receive a maximum of data for prices that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

A personalized mobile plan (the only one)

Regardless of the operator, the mobile plans that are offered almost all work the same. You receive a volume of calls, texts and data for a given price. But, have you noticed that if you consume less than your allowance, it won’t reimburse you? On the other hand, he will not hesitate to invoice you for the extra package …

This unequal relationship inevitably creates tensions and this is why the MVNO Prixtel imagined a flexible mobile plan. Far from making it lose transparency, this flexible subscription allows users to better manage their budget. In the end, they can quite easily save more than 50% on their bill (compared to their current plan).

At the MVNO Prixtel, there are three different mobile plans in the range. All come with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS: it is the volume of mobile data consumed over the month that will influence the final price. The first mobile subscription (called Le petit) responds to a majority of French people. By default, you will receive 40 GB for 4.99 euros per month.

But this mobile plan does not stop there and that is what makes all its originality. These 40 GB are only the first level of the subscription. If you need more mobile data in a given month, Prixtel allows you to increase your limit without penalizing you with extra costs outside the bundle. There are two upper tiers which are 50 and 60 GB. The first is billed at 7.99 euros per month and the second at 9.99 euros.

I take advantage of the offer

How does it actually work? Each month the MVNO will look at how much you have used: if you always use less than 40 GB, it will never cost you more than 4.99 euros (which is an insanely low price). If you occasionally use 50 or 60 GB over a month, the price will change according to the above scale. Finally, it’s like being a 3-in-1 package which will evolve according to the months.

Prixtel package

The little one © Prixtel

A shocking value for money for Black Friday

You can look anywhere in the market, no one is offering such an aggressive price for such a volume of data. This mobile plan largely corresponds to standard usage for average French. That said, Prixtel is also thinking of those who need a lot of mobile data every month. For them, he developed two other formulas. And they follow the same principle.

The second subscription is called Le grand. It also has this system with the three levels: 80, 100 and 130 GB for respectively 6.99 euros, 9.99 euros and 12.99 euros per month. You always start at the lower (cheapest) tier and grow according to your actual needs. It is the only telecom operator with a mobile plan that allows its consumption to be monitored as closely as possible – and to pay in proportion to it.

Finally, the third and final package allows you to benefit from an XL volume of data. As mobile data volumes explode, the MVNO Prixtel offers a subscription with 140, 170 or even 200 GB of data. And here again, the price is very convincing: 9.99 euros, 12.99 euros or 15.99 euros per month. If you’re looking to push the limits as much as possible, this is a great subscription.

I take advantage of the offer

An MVNO that makes noise

While virtual mobile operators (MVNOs) are more discreet in 2021, Prixtel continues its revolution. After swelling its customer base by 70% in 2020 with this flexible and unprecedented mobile plan, it is also doing it again in 2021. By offering maximum transparency to its customers, it is inevitably attractive. The value for money is exceptional whatever the level – and whatever the mobile plan.

But beware, this special Black Friday offer doesn’t last forever. The MVNO has already planned to end it on Tuesday, November 23. We can only encourage you to take advantage of it now. It’s a mobile plan at a price that has never been seen this year. If you are aggressively looking to save money, you can’t beat it.

If you are currently with another operator, don’t panic. You must first call 3179 to receive your RIO code. This allows you to start a phone number transfer process. When you fill out the form on the Prixtel site, you will be asked for this code (if you ever want to keep your number). Then, everything is very basic: changing your mobile plan will only take you a few minutes.

To discover this range, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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