Miss France: Miss Corse won the election against her twin sister!

We will know who the new Miss France is on Saturday, December 17. Did you know that Miss Corse won the election against her twin sister?

Miss Corse confided a little more about her Miss France adventure. You should know that the latter has a twin sister. Nothing unusual so far. But the little anecdote is that she won the election against her to have the scarf!

Two misses for the price of one?

Miss Corsica, Orianne Meloni has a twin sister. And the two sisters entered the Miss France contest. In the end, it will only be one of them that will go in Paris for the election on December 17. But how to decide between two twins?

The candidates answered a few questions to make a small portrait. And it was on this occasion that Orianne said a little more about her adventure. It was a first for the committee to see two twins in the same contest to become Miss!

Melody, his sister looks like him like two drops of water. However, she will not go as far as Miss France. But in her portrait, Orianne confided that she had already passed herself off as her twin sister. And it went unnoticed!

At Corseinfos, they explained how they had managed to differentiate themselves. ” We tried to differentiate ourselves a little by the hairstyle. One had straight hair, the other curly. But in addition to their physique, it is their character that differentiates them.

Miss France: binoculars to see better?

Indeed, Orianne Meloni confided in Corseinfos. ” Obviously, in this contest, the physical is important, but our case proves that it is not only that. » It is also about having the little extra thing to become Miss France and succeed Diane Leyre.

“The Miss Corse committee told us, which is important to win the crown it’s this little thing in the eyes, a personality, a way of being, what we bring out. With my sister, we don’t have the same character« . she explained.

In any case, this anecdote is rather amusing. We will therefore find Orianne Meloni on December 17. At his side, Sylvie Tellier will do his bit of honor before completely letting go of the controls. Indeed, the general manager announce to stop the adventure.

Cindy Fabre will take her place in the representative role. But for all the economic side, it is Alexia Laroche-Joubert who recovers the committee. Besides, between Sylvie Tellier and her, things are not going smoothly.

Not with Cindy Fabre either. So, we wonder if this Miss France election will be as peaceful as in previous years. If you are interested, this year’s jury has just been announced. As usual, we will have distinguished guests.

So, now we will have to wait a little longer before knowing who will be the next Miss France. Diane Leyre was also preparing small attentions for the one who will take his place. Because at the beginning, it is not easy to understand how the machine works!

And above all, it’s a little scary. In the meantime, you can watch the portraits of the 30 candidates! It’s up to you to make your little top 5! Case to follow!


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