Miss France: Élodie Gossuin was forced to abandon her family!

On Instagram, Élodie Gossuin (Miss France) told her fans that she had been forced to abandon her family for a good cause!

A few years ago, Élodie Gossuin became the new Miss France. And the least we can say is that she has come a long way since her election. She is even at the head of a sublime family

Élodie Gossuin (Miss France) very involved for UNICEF

Élodie Gossuin has seen her life completely turned upside down since she became Miss France. If his professional life has headed in the right directionthis is also the case for his personal life.

Indeed, the young woman is the mother of four children: Jules, Rose, Léonard and Joséphine. With her husband, Bertrand Lacherie, they form a lovely little family and do not hesitate to show it on social networks.

If the Miss France is happier than ever with her loved ones, there are times when she has no choice but to abandon them. And for good reason, she is an ambassador for UNICEF France. And she is 100% involved in its mission.

She is committed to raising awareness about the protection of girls. It is also committed to helping disadvantaged countries to have access to education, school and health. This is a cause that is very important to Élodie Gossuin.

To see how things are progressing, Miss France therefore goes to the field to see things put in place. It was in 2015 that she went to his first experience in Senegal.

This year, she still had to separate from her family for this very good cause. In Story from her Instagram account, the main interested party showed her fans that she had flown.

“I promise to take care of them”

The Miss France then revealed that she flew to Djiboutii. But that’s not all. She also shared a new photo on her Instagram account which did not fail to melt internet users.

And for good reason, the Miss France appeared at the beach, during a cuddly moment with all her children. A cute shot that hit the Web. In legend, she also made a beautiful statement to her family.

Élodie Gossuin confessed: “My favorite photo to make this hug last so far. To say goodbye to you. It’s so painful to leave. It is so hard to leave you my babies« .

Before adding: “But our UNICEF France missions are also part of your education, for your rights and those of children, everywhere, all the time. I will come back better, I promise”.

Finally, the Miss France clarified: “Love you up the other end of the earth. Your mum “. Fortunately, she was able to count on the incredible support of her husband, Bertrand Lacherie.

The latter wrote to Élodie Gossuin: “I promise to take care of them and try to do it as well as you… We are so proud of the beautiful person that you are”.

The husband of Miss France then continued: “And they are very proud to have a bit of you in them!!! Come back to us quickly though I can take care of yourself too« .

Before concluding: “I (we) love you madly and we miss you very much (especially in the kitchen, laundry storage, laundry, shopping, etc.)”.


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