Miss France: Diane Leyre moves with her emotionally charged speech!

Diane Leyre will soon return her Miss France crown. So she gave a very touching speech a few days before the election.

The Miss France election is fast approaching. Indeed, on December 17, Diane Leyre will have to leave her crown to another Miss. A moment that will surely be very moving. In any case, his recent speech moved the candidates a lot.

Last straight line for Miss France

This is the home stretch for the regional Misses but also for Diane Leyre. Indeed, the Miss France will soon have to return his scarf and his crown. A moment that is not necessarily easy after such an exceptional year.

The Misses are at this very moment in Chateauroux. They were presented to a first juror. Alongside them, of course, was Diane Leyre. And the latter made a speech that aroused a lot of emotion in the room.

It must be said that it was an opportunity for Miss France to unveil the next crown. Each is unique. All are designed and produced by Mauboussin.

« It means that me, slowly, I will no longer be able to put mine on my head, because there is only one who wears it, it is the one who is in title. And so one of you will have the chance to wear it« . And color is important to Diane Leyre.

« Mine is all purple. It has always been the color that brings me luck. This year, it features purple and blue. And I got chills when I saw it, because I was happy to say that finally, there’s a little bit of me on the crown. And that is to say that I will accompany you throughout. “. she explains.

Diane Leyre prepares the Miss

Miss France was therefore present in Chateauroux. It must be said that the young woman has at heart to make a good succession. And also to take care of the one who will take his place. But Diane Leyre also had a word for all French people.

“Thank you for the warmth that you give me every time, benevolence. When you’re not far from returning your title, your heart bleeds a little bit. And it’s you who keep beating it up by telling me that we’re just writing the beginning of a love story but that we don’t say goodbye. »

A Miss France election which will be done with many tensions. Because we call him back but Sylvie Tellier hangs up this year. She passes her hand to Alexia Laroche-Joubert but also Cindy Fabre. And the general manager doesn’t get along very well.

Diane Leyre said a word about it on the radio on his show. ” I think Sylvie actually gave 17 years of her life. And that there, it is a period which is all the same complicated. There is a handover. We attacked her on a subject that is strong for her« .

This year, there have been many tensions. So, we hope that this Miss France election will go well. So that Diane Leyre can finish in style. But who will win the crown? To your predictions.


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