Miss France 2023: Indira Ampiot sublime for her return to Guadeloupe!

Miss France, Indira Ampiot, has made her comeback in Guadeloupe, on her native island. A sensational crowd awaited him.

Miss France 2023, Indira Ampiot, is finally back in Guadeloupe. The opportunity for the young woman to have a good time with her loved ones. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Indira Ampiot, her new life

The reign of Miss France is not easy. Indeed, Indira Ampiot has been interviewing and appearing since her coronation last December 17. And one thing is certain, the beautiful brunette is not about to stop. His adventure has just begun.

Thus, Indira Ampiot is very young, and still have a lot to learn. But despite her young age, our new Miss France is not shy. On the set of TPMP, she answered questions without failing.

However, sometimes, certain moments can be difficult for the young woman. In fact, this one has even cracked referring to his grandmother, who passed away last year. A strong bond united the two women.
« She gave me a lot of values. She was a strong woman. I keep his strength and his courage. She was a very brave woman.”

Another point of comparison, the love for their island. Moreover, more than a month after her coronation, Miss France 2023 is back in Guadeloupe. On her native lands, the young woman is then welcomed with a huge crowd. Gifts, music, everything is there to celebrate the return of the beautiful brunette. MCE TV tells you more!

Miss France back in Guadeloupe

It’s official, Miss France 2023 is in Guadeloupe. The opportunity for her to sign autographs to her fans but also to thank them for their support. The inhabitants meanwhile retain only one thing, the Miss is the pride of the island. “Back in Guadeloupe! Thank you for this welcome, for these smiles, for this energy. This moment will forever be etched in my heart.” wrote the Miss on her Instagram account.

“You were always present by my side, always ready to encourage me, to support me, so I wanted to thank you, I lived a dream and it is thanks to you, thank you« claims Indira Ampiot in front of the crowd.

Among the places that Miss France has visited, some remind him of moments from his childhood. Indeed, Indira Ampiot did her first years at the Saint-Paul de Bouillon school. The opportunity for the Miss to see her former teachers again. “She was very kind, dynamic and very interesting in terms of learning”remembers the director.

In the sun, among her loved ones, the young woman regains her strength before her comeback. “She needed this, she is very enthusiastic, very happy, I know thatwe will find a reboosted Indira in mainland France« , comments Cindy Fabre, director of the Miss France committee.

Thus, these holidays should allow our Miss France to relax before her return. In effect, Indira will return to French soil this Thursday, January 2. Let’s hope the sun is good for the morale of the beautiful brunette. To be continued !

Photo credit :
Castel Franck/ABACA


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