Miss France 2023: how did her paternal grandmother know for her election?

Miss France 2023 has made her comeback in Guadeloupe for the first time. Find out how his grandmother knew about his election.

Miss France 2023 had not yet returned to Guadeloupe since her coronation. Indira Ampiot has therefore made her comeback to the delight of her family. On this occasion, his grandmother indulged in her granddaughtere. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Miss France 2023 back in Guadeloupe

Since Sunday January 22, Miss France 2023 is back in Guadeloupe. Our colleagues from Gala had the pleasure of sharing this reunion alongside Indira Ampiot.

This return home was the first of Miss France 2023 since her coronation. This greatly moved the young woman, but also all the inhabitants of Guadeloupe, and of course her family. Only his brother could not be present.

Accompanied by the new director, Cindy Fabre, Miss France 2023 is welcomed like a queen for Guadeloupeans. As soon as he landed at Pointe-à-Pitre airport, a crowd was already present. The local group Magistral was also there. The same evening, Miss France 2023 was on the set of the JT of Guadeloupe La Première.

Indira Ampiot then chained the sessions of dedications, photos or even the presentation of gifts. Wednesday she will be the guest of honor at a grand parade with the carnival troupe of Basse-Terre. But that’s not all !

Indeed, Indira Ampiot was also received earlier this week at the headquarters of the Regional Council. Very proud that she does shine Guadeloupe internationallythe elected officials even acclaimed him.

« This welcome will remain engraved as one of the best times of my Miss France year. I am proud to be from Guadeloupe!“, expressed Miss France 2023.

A very busy stay. But Indira Ampiot also of course took advantage of it to see his family. MCE TV tells you more!

Miss France 2023: how did her paternal grandmother know for her election?
Miss France 2023: how did her paternal grandmother know for her election?

“I’m on cloud nine”: Indira’s grandmother very moved

Indira Ampiot paid tribute to his grandmother mother who died some time before her coronation, dedicating her victory to her. Miss France 2023 is very close to her family. She can count on Didier, her father, Béatrice, her mother, but also on Axel Téjou, her maternal grandfather, or even on Raymonde Ampiot, her other grandmother.

This, moreover, confided in Gala on the election of his granddaughter. “Since Indira’s election, I’ve been on cloud nine,” begins the grandmother of Miss France 2023. Raymonde could not follow the election of his granddaughteras she was at a niece’s wedding.

« I was at a niece’s wedding that night, explains Raymonde. At one point, I saw people fussing around mebut I didn’t immediately realize what was going on,” confided Raymonde.

But when she hears her name “Ampiot”, Raymonde quickly understands that her granddaughter has become Miss France 2023. But she admits to having been a little embarrassed. ” This advert stole the show a bit from the newlyweds because everyone stood up to give Indira a standing ovation… but at the same time, I was so proud that she achieved her dream“, she confides.

As a bonus, Indira Ampiot’s grandmother tells Gala a childhood secret. ” During the holidays she spent with us, she was playing pose, as if there were cameras or photographers. But she did it in secret, with her aunt. I learned that much later. »

What is certain is that the stay in Guadeloupe ofIndira Ampiot still promises a lot of emotions.


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