Minecraft and Burberry are launching a collection inspired by video games!

The Minecraft franchise is teaming up with the Burberry brand for the first time. Take a look at this amazing clothing collection.

This is a first for Burberry: a joint project with the Minecraft franchise ! Enough to attract a whole new audience. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Burberry conquering gamers

The news caused a stir on the web. Announced in a virtual teaser, the Minecraft x Burberry project was as exciting as it was unlikely.

We therefore see models parading in a virtual setting. Perfect for admiring this new collection… and its nods to the famous Swedish game!

First, customers will have the choice between 5 looks. Juggling between virtual patterns and jacquard wools, they are inspired by the different skins of the game. Something to satisfy fans of both franchises!

Otherwise, the range of products will be wide. Between scarves, hoodies and caps, you will find your happiness for sure. And there again, the style of Burberry blends wonderfully with the references of Minecraft!

There are also some of the couturier’s creations, reworked for the occasion. This is the case of trench-coat Waterloo, adorned with a “creeper” logo on the back. We validate!

On the other hand, the “general public” aspect of the campaign hides much more exclusive prices… Count on average €800 for a hoodie, and nearly €500 for a t-shirt! It is therefore difficult to conquer the popular audience of the game…

But before reaching a new clientele, this collection is above all the beginnings of a larger project. Indeed, Burberry is going to the conquest of digital ! MCE TV tells you more.

Minecraft: A gateway to the world of NFTs

In line with its new collection, Burberry is teaming up with Minecraft to create an adventure game. Son nom ? « Freedom to Go Beyond ».

A new world will await the player, with 4 kingdoms and skins inspired by the famous couturier. The decorations will refer to the city of London, with beautiful references to the English brand. Perfect for creating buzz, surfing the minecraft trend.

Philippe Hennche, director of innovation at Burberry, spoke about this for GQ Magazine. “By joining together, we hope to inspire our consumers with a new way to experience our brand”did he declare.

However, this is not the first time that Burberry has teamed up with a video game franchise. Indeed, the couturier had already announced a joint project with Blankos Bloc Party, in June. Several of the brand’s skins had been included as NFTs in the game.

The strategy is therefore clear: conquer the digital world. Because even in the world of luxury, you have to know how to modernize! And the English creator intends to establish himself as a leader in the field with this new tool.

However, Burberry is not the first brand to offer NFTs to these customers. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, announced the arrival of these famous non-fungible tokens on Instagram.

In the meantime, you can discover the Burberry x Minecraft collection on the brand’s website. “Freedom to Go Beyond” is available on the Swedish Game Marketplace.


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