Milky Way: an astronomer reveals this incredible photo captured on iPhone 12 Pro Max

An astronomer has just unveiled this photo of the Milky Way, captured with an iPhone 12 Pro Max. A result made possible thanks to the use of the camera’s ProRAW mode: a proprietary format that offers finer and richer editing capabilities than JPEG or HEIF.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Milky Way
Image captured with iPhone 12 Pro Max © Tom Kerss

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the first Apple smartphones to support the ProRAW format, the “home” version of the Cupertino company’s RAW image format. Tom Kerss, British astronomer, had fun capturing this image of the Milky Way with its iPhone 12 Pro Max, using the ProRAW format. Despite a slight compression – probably due to the image uploading to Twitter – the result is astonishing.

A striking result

Tom Kerss is a freelance astronomer who previously worked at Greenwich Observatory, London. It offers free online stargazing courses on its website, Stargazing London. He reveals on Twitter a particularly fine image of the Milky Way, captured with a iPhone 12 Pro Max and in ProRAW format.

On Twitter, Kerss evokes the “astrophotographic” potential of modern cameras for smartphones, and especially the iPhone 12 Pro Max, whose sensor pixels measure only 1.7 microns. ” He’s ridiculously capable for his size »He indicates. It must be said that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones of 2021, according to Consumer Reports.

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The image reveals the Summer triangle, visible from June to August, as well than a meteor (possibly the beginning of the Perseids). ” I still have plenty of experimentation to do, but it goes without saying that there is a pile of untapped potential. He adds.

Recently, Samsung mocked Apple by comparing the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s photo capabilities to the S21 Ultra. The South Korean giant compared the Zoom capabilities of each device, focusing on the Moon. With a much less impressive result on the iPhone.

Despite everything, obtaining such an image of the Milky Way with a simple smartphone remains prodigious and promising for future machines to come like the iPhone 13, which will, as a reminder, be equipped with an astrophotography mode.


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