Mike McGill (Grey’s Anatomy) already replaced in the “What If” series?

Actor Mike McGill (Grey’s Anatomy) soon in the What if? We give you more details on its possible role.

Will Mike McGill (Grey’s Anatomy) be joining le casting de What If ? MCE TV gives you more details!

De Grey’s Anatomy à What if

The What if series is the last marvel dated production. It features a large number of heroes from the Marvel Universe that fans love.

The series, which currently has two episodes has very successful. And episode 3 is likely to be as successful! Eh yes.

The series has distinguished itself by the number of big names who return to reprise their iconic roles from MCU. So, Episode 3 is no exception.

The actors who will be back for this new episode are Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Douglas. They respectively play the roles of Nick Fury, Bruce Banner alias The Hulk et Hank Pym.

But if some familiar faces will be there, others will leave the adventure. Besides, we know that a young actor who also played in the series Grey’s Anatomy will join the cast.

Indeed, it is Mike McGill who has played in successful series like Grey’s Anatomy. But also Shameless. But then who will he replace?

Well he will lend his features to the character of Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross dans What if. Which therefore means that he takes the role initially played by actor William Hurt. Other changes have also been announced! We’ll give you more details.

Mike McGill (Grey's Anatomy) already replaced in the series "What If" ? Mike McGill (Grey's Anatomy) already replaced in the series "What If" ?

Upcoming changes

Mike McGill de Grey’s Anatomy va donc join the cast of What If. The young actor already seen in Grey’s Anatomy will therefore take over from William Hurt.

We also know that actress Scarlett Johansson will not return. But despite his ongoing disputes with Disney, it seems to be a matter of timetable!

Robert Downey will not be donning his Iron Man costume for the 3rd episode of What If either. Indeed, he will be replaced by actor Mike Wingert. The latter once played Tony Stark in many Marvel spin-offs.

Liv Tyler will not also in the cast of What if. Which is not very surprising! Indeed, the young woman will be replaced by Stephanie Panisello!

The last character who experiences a change of interpreter is Captain Marvel. Despite the incredible performance of Brie Larson, it is Alexandra Daniels who takes over.

In addition to her role in the 2016 film Mothers and Daughters, the latter has also worked behind the camera on numerous productions. We thus think of The Last Treasure Hunt et 36 Questions.

Despite all these changes, Episode 3 of What If promises to be epic. This one focuses on an alternate scenario in which the Avengers candidates die one by one.

We then accuse Natasha Romanoff for killing Iron Man. Finally, we discover that the real culprit is Hank Pym. Who himself accuses the Shield of the death of his daughter Hope.

Hank Pym ends up being brought to justice by Loki. Which therefore cancels the plot of the first Avengers film.


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