Microsoft will try to relaunch its Edge browser

Edge never managed to make a name for itself in the web browser domain dominated by Google’s Chrome which overtook Firefox.

Photo credit: Denny Muller.

The world of web browsers does not have hundreds of them and, among all those that exist, only a few totally dominate this very specific sector that allows you to go on the Internet. Today it’s Chrome which occupies the first step of the podium in front of Firefox. Google’s browser has slowly imposed its dominance to become the leader. As for Microsoft’s web browser, called Edge, it has paradoxically never succeeded in convincing Internet users, but Bill Gates’ company is determined to return to the competition.

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To relaunch Edge, Microsoft decided to completely reinvent it with a more modern variant, a much more convenient and accessible user interface and more features for greater productivity when using it. The “Edge Phoenix” project is therefore this new concept that the Microsoft teams have been developing since last summer and the objective is to offer different functionalities from other browsers to distinguish themselves from them.

Edge Phoenix with innovative features

In addition to a completely revised design, Edge Phoenix will offer features that it did not include before when other browsers had offered them for a long time. For example, Edge will launch the function “Tab Activity” which will allow you to control the activity and the history of Internet browsing. It’s a feature comparable to “Screen Time” on iOS or “Digital Wellbeing” on Android. A system considered as parental control also.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to turn Edge into a system-wide password manager. The browser already integrates theone of the best password managers but it will go further. It will additionally allow users to run Edge during initial Windows setup.

Microsoft will thus take up a real challenge when Edge Phoenix will be available for download because this browser will be tested from all sides and the feedback will have to be positive if the company finally wishes to make its place in the very restricted circle of web browsers. Edge Phoenix may therefore become the solution that Microsoft has been looking for for a long time.

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Source : Windows Central


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