Microsoft insists Starfield won’t release on PS5

Starfield will not be released on PS5, Spread the word. Fans were still hopeful, especially after Pete Hines, senior vice president of global marketing and communications said the door remained open. Despite everything, Xbox came to rectify the words of the man by declaring that, clearly it is dead.

Pete Hines spoke during a stream and explained that while Starfield was announced asXbox exclusive, he would not go so far as to say that the public could never play on PlayStation, adding in passing: “I do not have the answer yet. “

Aaron Greenberg, general manager du marketing Xbox, replied as dry.

Starfield will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11, 2022. Game Pass members will be able to play it same day on Xbox and PC. I know we’ve said this before and nothing has changed or will ever change.

This has the merit of setting the record straight. Battery.


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