Microsoft Has Announced The Release Of A New Bing & Edge Browser Driven By Enhanced ChatGPT AI

Microsoft Has Announced The Release Of A New Bing & Edge Browser Driven By Enhanced ChatGPT AI:

Microsoft has released a version of its search engine Bing, which is driven by an improved version of the same Artificial intelligence that powers chatbot ChatGPT. The product is being released with new AI-enhanced capabilities for Microsoft’s Edge browser, with the firm saying that the two would give a new experience for navigating the web and discovering information online.

Bing, in particular, is receiving a significant upgrade that will enable users to interact with it to obtain more thorough responses to search requests. You may, for example, ask Bing to plan a vacation and afterwards ask it how much the vacation would costs. On Tuesday, a preview version of the new Bing will be available.

“It’s a new day in search,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated during the product launch event. The paradigm for online search hasn’t evolved in decades, according to Nadella, but AI can convey information more fluidly & swiftly than conventional techniques.

During the event, Open-AI CEO Sam Altman briefly approached the stage to reveal that Microsoft is leveraging its GPT technology to power part of its new software, which seems to be comparable to Open-AI’s ChatGPT AI.

Today, the business demonstrated what it calls “the new Bing” in multiple settings. One option displays regular search results with AI annotations, while another mode allows users to interact directly with the Bing chatbot by asking questions via a chat interface similar ChatGPT.

Microsoft demonstrated a variety of searches, including those for recipes, vacation suggestions, and Ikea furnishings. Bing was asked to “make an itinerary for each day of a 5-day vacation to Mexico City” in one demonstration. The chat-bot completely addressed the query, describing a general itinerary and providing connections to other resources.

According to Microsoft, all of these capabilities are driven by an improved version of GPT 3.5, the AI Open-AI language model that drives ChatGPT. Microsoft refers to this as the “Prometheus Model,” and claims that it is more powerful than GPT 3.5 and can respond to search requests with up-to-date information & annotated replies.

The new Bing is now available “for desktop restricted preview,” however it seems that users may only “ask” one of a few predefined questions and get the same answers every time. There is also a waiting to join up for future full access.

What Exactly Is Chatgpt?

Open-AI introduced ChatGPT, a chat-bot, in November 2022. It is based on Open-AI’s GPT-3 family of big language models and is modified using supervised & reinforcement learning approaches.

It is based on Open-AI’s GPT-3 family of big language models and is modified using supervised & reinforcement learning approaches.

On November 30, 2022, ChatGPT was debuted as a prototype and soon gained notice for its thorough replies and clear answers across many disciplines of expertise. A key disadvantage was highlighted as its inconsistent factual correctness. OpenAI was valued at $29 billion after the introduction of ChatGPT.

Bing’s New Desktop Version Will Be Available.

Microsoft has announced that the new AI-powered Bing search & Edge browser will be available for desktop in a restricted test on Tuesday. This implies that visitors will only be able to search for a restricted number of questions during the first time.

The business said that a wait-list for the complete version would be accessible, and it will be accessible to millions of people in the upcoming days. Microsoft also intends to release a smartphone version of Bing.

Later, at a press conference, the firm said that it intends to gradually offer its AI-powered chat functionality to all browsers, beginning with Microsoft Edge. Edge will also have several unique features that competitor browsers will not have.

Microsoft Does Use OpenAI To Support The Following Tools:

Microsoft implemented some of Open-AI’s GPT-3.5 language tools into Bing to increase its capabilities, according to Open-AI CEO Sam Altman.

That’s all there is to it. Microsoft is supercharging the new and enhanced Bing using Open-AI’s GPT technology. However, not the ChatGPT tool, which has taken the globe by storm. Nonetheless, the duties seem to be quite similar. “I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for 20 years, so I’m overjoyed it’s finally here,” Altman said.

What The New Bing Can Do:

Answer questions with tonnes of context, like as ChatGPT. Create travel itineraries. You may, for example, ask it to “Plan a five-day vacation to Mexico.”

You may keep asking it additional questions. As an example, if you are planning a vacation, you may then ask further questions such as “How much would this trip cost us?” or “Can we add or alter anything in the itinerary?”.

Is An AI Chatbot a Good Search Replacement?

The main concern for Google and Microsoft though, is whether AI chat-bots are a viable substitute for search. What happens when this technology makes errors, and how will it coexist with conventional means of getting information online?

Artificial intelligence language systems, such as ChatGPT, have a well-documented propensity to convey erroneous information as reality. Although researchers have been warning about this issue for years, there have been numerous examples of AI-generated errors since ChatGPT was launched on the web, ranging from chat-bots making up biographical information about actual people to academic papers being fabricated and dangerous medical advice being offered.

The Newer Bing Is A Search Paradigm Shift:

Nadella spoke on some of the work the firm is doing with AI, notably search.

“And we want to demonstrate you some of this innovation, beginning with how it’s going to transform the biggest software sector on the globe, search, which I’ve been working on for a long time and for which we’re really enthusiastic.”

“It’s a new day in search, a new paradigm for search, and fast innovation is on the way,” Nadella said.

Nadella mentioned a “new copilot” experience, which alludes to the capacity of AI technologies to assist employees in doing activities on their behalf using “an all-new Bing search engine & web browser.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is on stage. He’s talking about ChatGPT’s introduction last year and how it was “the only thing everybody in your household wanted to discuss about over the holidays. It’s completely insane.”
“I believe this technology will change almost every software area,” Nadella stated.

Google vs. Microsoft AI Battle:

Not to be matched by OpenAI, Google ’s parent Alphabet introduced its own ChatGPT-like application named Bard on Monday, confirming previous reports.

In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the firm intends to integrate some of Bard’s cutting-edge AI technologies into its basic search product. This implies that, similar to ChatGPT, future versions of Google Search would provide consumers with summaries of complicated issues.

Soon after Google introduced Bard, the firm released an internal message asking staff to submit comments on the new program.

“We’ll be engaging every Googler next week to help develop Bard and contribute via an unique company-wide dog meal,” Pichai said in a staff message seen by Source.

Many Investors Are Putting Billions Of Dollars Towards Artificial Intelligence:

Investing firms are spending billions of dollars into generative AI companies. In late January, Microsoft, for example, made a fresh multi-billion-dollar investment in Open-AI. According to deal-tracking website Pitch-book, the top venture capital companies investing in generative AI businesses include Khosla Ventures, Craft Ventures, Sequoia, Entrepreneur First, and Lux Capital.

Coatue Provided $101 Million In Funding To Stability AI:

Another well-known generative AI business, Stability AI, said in October that it had obtained $101 million in investment from Coatue, Light-speed Venture Partners, & O’Shaughnessy Ventures. Stability AI created an open-source project named Stable Diffusion, which drew a lot of interest from individuals who were attracted by its capacity to generate visuals based on textual prompts.

Today, Google Is Also Introducing Their New AI Product “BARD”:

According to Bank of America analysts, Microsoft’s event will most likely concentrate on the integration of ChatGPT into Bing search, as well as the company’s larger cooperation with OpenAI.

“The AI race for the IT industry is obviously on,” the analysts said in a Monday report. They also said that speed would be critical for scaling as the AI models learn.

Microsoft and Google are already competing in the field of artificial intelligence. On Wednesday, Google will host an event to discuss its new Bard AI tool. Bard was introduced by Google on Monday and will be available in Google Search in the coming weeks.

ChatGPT is Safe?

After being educated on massive amounts of internet data, Open-AI’s buzzy ChatGPT service understands a lot about the world. Large IT firms are worried about the threats it presents to data security.

According to Insider, which saw the warning, a Microsoft developer said in an internal online conversation in January that Microsoft workers should not provide any sensitive company information to ChatGPT. According to the engineer, Open-AI might utilize the data to train future models.

From there, someone may conceivably obtain personal information while speaking with a version of ChatGPT that uses a more recent language model.

Insider also stated that an Amazon attorney told employees not to transfer any private material, including source code, to ChatGPT. This apparently includes Microsoft, which provides Open-AI with cloud computing capabilities in necessary for ChatGPT to work.

ChatGpt Is Still Under Beta Version:

People have been raving about ChatGPT since it was published in November by the hybrid AI research group Open-AI.

The Experimental Version Of ChatGPT Software Has Reached 1 Million Users:

Open-AI CEO Sam Altman said on Twitter that ChatGPT, which is currently in beta or experimental mode, has “passed 1 million users!” within 5 days of its launch.

Some Schools Have Prohibited Students From Utilizing This New Homework Assistant:

People have discovered a variety of applications for the program, ranging from assisting engineers in organizing research notes for lectures to producing software code on behalf of developers. ChatGPT has grown in popularity to the point that several schools around the country have prohibited kids from utilizing it as a new “homework aid.”


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