Microsoft Confirm Gears Pop To Shut Down On April 26

Fans and players are going to feel sadness and disappointment as another mobile game is on its way to going down the drain for permanent.

Recently, Microsoft did announce that Gears Pop will be no longer available to play or download for any and every player from 26th April 2021 onwards. Yes, it will not be possible for you to play or even download the game from the next year. 

As of now, you need to know that the developers Rovio did manage to scrap the Angry Birds Tennis Game down and that too even before the game can come out from the soft-launch.

It is sure that there are several games that you all will love to play during your spare time. But only some of the games will be your favorite ones. So if the Gears Pop game is one of your favorite games then you will find it a little disappointing to know that the game is going down.

26th April 2021 is the date after which you will not be able to get the game from the play store. It will not be possible for gamers to play their favorite game, Gears Pop after the official date scheduled to shut down the game.

Microsoft Confirms Gears Pop Drain Down!!

There are so many players who did wish to play the Angry Birds Tennis Game but they did not get the chance to even install it once. But unlike Angry Birds Tennis Game that was instantly shut down, it will be possible for the interested players to install and play Gears Pop at least for the remaining time.

So all the players must download and play as much as possible before the annihilation of the Gears Pop game from all the respective app stores. One thing that you should note is that there will be additional rewards that all the players can get in the game. 

It is surely some relief for all the players as well as the fans that they can be able to have a look at the new players along with some new rewards before the game shuts down in April 2021.

Players can still be able to level up their points and they can also be able to make the use of crystals for some more times. One thing is sure and that is there will not be any change in the excitement and enjoyment that players are going to get while playing the Gears Pop game.

So you must have to note down the date when the Gears Pop game will be finally going down the drain and that is 26th April 2021. 

Dev’s Message To The Gears Pop Players

You must know that the dev is bidding farewell to the players in a blog post on the official website of the game. They did manage to tank the players for this wonderful journey and they also did share the plan for the future.

Yes, it will be possible that after the game developers are going to annihilate the Gears Pop game in the next year, they are going to bring a whole new game with an entirely new view. 

There are indeed so many players who are currently playing the Gears Pop game. It is sure that they will not be happy to know that one of their favorite games that they love to play in their spare will be gone forever.

Whether you are just a new gamer or you are a pro gamer, it will be disappointing to know that the game that you used to play every single day will not be available anymore.

So each and every player must hope that the game developer will bring another game which will be worth the time you are spending to wait for the next game after the Gears Pop game will go out of all the play stores. 

New Events Will Be Added and More Rewards Passed Down

Well, in order to celebrate all the best times that they have had with the players until the upcoming year, the game developers are willing to offer the players one last go that will allow them to enjoy the game fully.

Yes, all the players will be able to get a lot of excitement along with amazing features and greater rewards in the game. They will be bringing back some cool events that did take place during the short lifespan of the Gears Pop game.

But the upcoming months are definitely going to be the months of joy and excitement in which the game will try to give all in so that the players can enjoy it to the fullest. 

Apart from all the new features and events that the game is going to offer to all the players, there will also be increased bounty rewards. You must know that the drop rates of Legendary pins will be increasing.

That means some of the players will be able to enjoy the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena action at a high level before the game will be no more. 

In-App Purchases Have Been Disabled

Most of the players will be happy to know that the in-app purchases in the Gears Pop game will be disabled for good. That will directly mean that the players who are going to purchase their way to the top will not be able to do so.

Also, if you did purchase anything in the last 90 days then you are in luck as you can be able to request a refund of the money you spend to purchase in the game. 

It is sure that the transactions that did happen between the 30th of July month and the 28th of October month will be eligible for a refund.

If you will immediately make a refund request then it will be possible for the game to process your refund within two to three weeks at most. But you do not have to worry about the refund as you will surely get it. 

Why Gears Pop Game Shut Down?

As you all know, the announcement to shut down the game happens through a recent blog post that comes from the official webpage of the game.

The blog post states that it was not at all the problem of keeping the servers active but improving all the aspects for making a game successful did not seem practical from the maker’s point of view. 

The official statement of the blog post that represents the annihilation of the Gears Pop game reads, “There are a number of things that go into maintaining a game beyond keeping servers active.

Addressing issues, developing content, and providing support are critical in keeping a game running. Unfortunately, this is no longer feasible.”

Gears Pop! game will remain unavailable to download or play from the Google Play Store and App Store after 26th April 2021 which happens to be the date of the shutdown of the game. 


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