Microsoft announces the arrival of Xbox Game Pass on all televisions

Ahead of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase scheduled for Sunday, Microsoft teams organized a roundtable dedicated to the press. The goal: to discuss the future of the Xbox division and its cloud version. With three days to go before the huge conference, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Pass will be available on all TVs.

Xbox Game Pass sur TV
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Upstream of Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase scheduled for this Sunday, Microsoft’s teams organized a round table dedicated to the press. The goal: to discuss the future of the Xbox division and especially its cloud version. Many subjects have been mentioned and one has particularly marked the specialized press. Indeed, Liz Hamren, in charge of experience and gaming platforms at Xbox, announced the upcoming arrival of the Xbox Game Pass by default on all TVs.

Is playing Xbox without Xbox on any Smart TV coming soon?

What should be remembered from this Xbox pre-conference is that Microsoft wants above all improve its cloud-related services. « The revenue from our content and services is our main performance indicator. And it increases Said Tim Stuart, CFO of the Xbox division. “ To keep increasing it, we need to expand our demographic and geographic spectrum ” he added.

Thus, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will soon arrive in new territories such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. In addition, Microsoft plans Xbox Series X integration on Azure so that xCloud takes advantage of the next-gen (better quality). Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is about to land in the Xbox application on PC, but also on Xbox consoles.

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« It will be a game changer. Over a billion people in 26 countries on 5 continents will be able to play the world’s most powerful console via the Cloud on apps, browsers, mobile, tablet, PC and Xbox. And there is still a lot to come Ree a year Kareem Choundhry.

That’s not all. Liz Hamren, vice president of gaming experiences and platforms, announced one more news. ” We work with TV designers to make the Game Pass experience directly available on Smart TVs “. The goal, in the long term, will therefore be to be able to play Xbox, without owning consoles, on any Smart TV. Like Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia, which will soon land on LG TVs. Eventually, an HDMI dongle resembling a Chromecast will also be available.


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