Metroid Dread: release date, story, gameplay, what to expect?

It was during a Nintendo Direct broadcast on June 15, 2021 that Nintendo first discussed the game. Metroid Dread. This is an old-school, two-dimensional side-scrolling action-adventure video game developed by Mercury Steam and slated for October 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

Nintendo finally announced the arrival of a new Metroid game at this year’s Nintendo E3 2021 Direct event: Metroid Dread. The announcement was particularly surprising to fans of the Metroid franchise, who had been expecting to see it tumble. Metroid Prime 4 in the window. On the other hand, the Japanese firm has, once again, decided to offer us something completely different. Release date, story, gameplay, what to expect from Metroid Dread ?

What release date for Metroid Dread?

Metroid Dread will be released all over the world on October 8, 2021.

Initially, the title was to be released on the Nintendo DS. It was first discovered in 2005 on an official internal list of games compiled by Nintendo to be shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2005 (or 2006). For many years, the Kyoto firm was remained totally silent about her. The flagship designer of the Metroid series, Yoshio Sakamoto had confirmed that the game had existed at some point. But that development should be restarted.

For the record, a message was found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (released in 2007). This had been interpreted as a reference to Metroid Dread, although game director Mark Pacini said it was a coincidence…

In 2013, fans expressed interest in rediscovering a two-dimensional side-scrolling Metroid game. The title is thus propelled into number one of the most anticipated games of the year. Finally, it is Metroid: Samus Returns which will be released in 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

Quel gameplay pour Metroid Dread ?

So far, few gameplay elements are known about Metroid Dread. It is, however, a action-adventure game in which players control Samus Aran as she explores the planet ZDR. The title retains the gameplay side scrolling from previous Metroid games, as well as the free-aim and melee attacks added in Samus Returns, released in 2017.

Metroid Dread

Samus can also slide and hang on with blue surfaces. We find some stealth elements since Samus will be able to avoid the almost indestructible EMMI (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers) robots by hiding, reducing his noise or using the ghost cloak, a camouflage that reduces noise, but which slows down its movements. If an EMMI robot catches Samus, the player has a brief chance to perform a melee counter and escape. If they fail, Samus is killed.

« Samus can shoot in all directions, grab onto ledges, and slide to navigate narrow passages quickly. The arachno-magnet also allows it to move and shoot freely by clinging to certain walls. Nintendo also indicates.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

Finally, the strike back returns to the game, with a new strike that now allows Samus to counter enemies while running.

Why Metroid “Dread”?

According to Nintendo France, the game is called Metroid Dread, car dread means “Terror” in English. ” This reflects the terrible and relentless threat that hangs over Samus Aran, who until then was thought invincible. Nintendo says.

What is the history of Metroid Dread?

Metroid Dread takes place just after Metroid Fusion, released in 2002. Players control bounty hunter Samus Aran as she takes on a new robotic enemy on the planet ZDR. In an interview with Kotaku, producer Yoshio Sakamoto has said that Dread will conclude the main Metroid arc which focuses on the fate of Samus and the Metroid parasitic creatures.

Following the events of Metroid Fusion in which Samus eliminates the deadly X parasites with the planet SR388, the Galactic Federation receives a video transmission from an unknown source indicating that the Xs are still alive. They send a special unit of seven robots E.M.M.I on ZDR, the source of the transmission.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread

These relentless machines are designed to capture unknown species and extract their DNA. Their armor is made from a material known to be the toughest in the galaxy, so much so that Samus’ arsenal seems totally ineffective against them. Soon the unit disappears and Samus goes to ZDR to investigate …

What about Metroid Prime 4?

Fortunately, the release of Metroid Dread does not mean that Metroid Prime 4 will never come out. Nintendo assured fans that the game is still in development and is just another game to wait.

What platforms will Metroid Dread be available on?

Metroid Dread will be a Nintendo exclusive only on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Light consoles.

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Is Metroid Dread available for pre-order?

Yes. You can pre-order Metroid Dread via Nintendo eShop here.

The Metroid Dread trailers

« Dress up as Samus Aran in the first new entry in the 2D Metroid saga in over 19 years, Metroid Dread, launching 8/10! »Says the text of the trailer for E3 2021. Here it is.


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