Meta: the Messenger application will change appearance in 2023!

Meta often launches redesigns of its Messenger app. Planned for 2023, the company has decided to change the appearance of the app.

Known as Facebook, the company Meta is launching a redesign of the Messenger app. Scheduled for 2023, the company of Mark ZuckerberI decided to change the look of the messaging system. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Meta is planning a Messenger redesign

The company Meta often launches redesigns of son app Messenger. Regarding the changes at the start of 2023, the encrypted version of Messenger is the priority. Good news !

Indeed, like WhatsApp, Messenger has an end-to-end encryption system. This allows to make unreadable discussions when they pass through Facebook’s servers.

But, on Messenger, this security is not present by default. Indeed, the option is only activated manually by the user. The company Meta intends to remedy this. MCE TV tells you more!

Indeed, the encrypted version of Messenger does not have all the options of the unencrypted version. This hinders users from choosing this messaging service. But thanks to the redesign, Messenger gets more options. This should therefore attract more new Internet users. Phew!

For example, Meta advertises Messenger topics on encrypted chats. Indeed, Internet users will not be no longer forced to have a default background image on the talks. In addition, Messenger also offers the ability to modify emojis, even on secure chats. Group chats can have a profile picture.

That’s a lot of new stuff already. But those aren’t the only changes Meta is planning. MCE TV gives you more details!

Meta: the Messenger application will change appearance in 2023!

A better encrypted version for 2023

So these are not not the only novelties that Meta has put in place. Now, when a user shares a link, Messenger displays a preview of the page. Then the presence statuses became visible. Finally, on Android, discussion inserts allow faster access to it.

These options put in place by Meta are pretty basic things. But, they were not yet available on the secure version of Messenger. A significant delay compared to WhatsApp. Ouch!

Meta therefore aims to make Messenger as reliable as possible. « Over the next few months, more and more people will continue to have some of their chats upgraded. With a layer of protection provided by end-to-end encryption”says the company.

“The company will inform users as they are updated. We know people will have questions about how we choose threads. So we wanted to clarify that this is a random process“, added Meta.

Meta therefore specifies its final objective. Indeed, their priority is therefore to strengthen their security thanks to end-to-end encryption. And this, for them billion messages exchanged on Messenger every day. Good news for everyone who uses the app.

But, Meta must remain on guard. Because the company must face the decisions of the State. In fact, this one is quite skeptical about this project. It’s a case to follow!


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