Meghan Markle still disappoints her father Thomas “She insulted the queen”!

Meghan Markle’s father says he’s disappointed with his daughter’s behavior and throws everything up in an interview for The Sun! We tell you everything.

Meghan Markle’s father empties his bag in an interview with The Sun! Will this new attack make the Duchess of Sussex react? MCE TV tells you everything!

New attack on Meghan Markle

If you think the tensions between Meghan Markle and her father have subsided, then you are wrong. Indeed, Thomas Markle still seems to have a lot of heart!

Moreover, he did not hesitate to confide in an interview with the media The Sun. And the least we can say is that Meghan Markle’s father did not take the tweezers to say what he really meant.

What irritates her the most at the moment is her title of Duchess. However, it should be remembered that the young woman and her husband have renounced their royal obligations. She therefore cannot not have the rank of royal highness for example.

However, it still retains her title of Duchess of Sussex. Which is moreover only an honorary title. In any case his father seems against this title. He even confides: “We should take away his title.”

This time again, he did not miss the opportunity to speak at the microphone of the tabloids which gave him the opportunity. In his interview for The Sun, Meghan Markle’s father returned to the intervention of his daughter in the show of Ellen DeGeneres.

He does not go four ways and confides that he found that she simply had “Look like an idiot”. “She insulted the Queen, the Royal Family and the British people. I love my daughter, but her performance was ridiculous ” he adds.

Meghan Markle still disappoints her father Thomas "She insulted the queen" !
Meghan Markle still disappoints her father Thomas “She insulted the queen”!

” I am very disappointed “

Meghan Markle’s father seemed quite upset against his daughter. At first glance, you might think that his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show really disappointed him. But in reality, he seems upset for another reason.

Indeed, during his interview for The Sun he will explain why he is angry with Meghan Markle. The real reason remains that the young woman did not mention it during his interview.

Indeed, Meghan Markle spoke of her debut as an actress. She also confided that she was going to the castings in a car with broken doors. And therefore had to go out through the trunk! A period of hardship where the young woman therefore had very little money.

“I am very disappointed that she did not mention me. ” launches his father in the interview for The Sun. “I put her in touch with a director of the General Hospital series. And she got a small role. This allowed him to join a union. “ he adds.

He specifies that it is still very difficult to get a job in the industry. of the film without being part of a union. “I also paid for his membership. I was very disappointed that all of this was not recognized. “ adds Thomas Markle.

Meghan Markle’s father wanted his daughter to mention it and thank him above all. For the moment, the young woman has not yet reacted to this new attack. Case to follow.


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