Meghan Markle: Diana’s clairvoyant had planned her marriage to Harry?

Did Meghan Markle’s husband appeal to his mother’s clairvoyant Lady Diana? And did the latter predict her marriage to him?

Meghan Markle and her husband are still at the heart of a new rumor! Prince Harry has reportedly contacted Sally Morgan, the former clairvoyant of her mother Diana. The goal ? Learn more about his future. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Meghan Markle and Harry: the controversies continue

Decidedly, the Sussexes continue the controversies! Meghan Markle is no longer just cold with the British royal family. Corn she also alienates her own family.

This time, it is his half-sister Samantha who is angry with him. She even took her to court because Meghan Markle would have said too much about her private life.

As a reminder, Prince Harry’s wife revealed that Samantha had “Lost the custody of her three children from different fathers« . She is therefore suing her for defamation and slander, because she had trouble accepting this revelation!

And that’s not all ! Harry is also at the heart of a new rumor. He would therefore have contacted his mother Diana’s clairvoyant, Sally Morgan. The goal being to know everything about his future.

It is the clairvoyant herself who confided everything in her book “Secret Spirit”. While still a young man, the prince asked to know more about the death of his mother. But also on his own future.

We remember Diana’s passion for astrology. She used to consult psychics, including Sally Morgan.

Meghan Markle: Diana's clairvoyant had planned her marriage to Harry?
Meghan Markle: Diana’s clairvoyant had planned her marriage to Harry?

Harry: very curious about his future

C’est this same seer who had already predicted the mort de Diana: “I predicted she was going to die, that she was in a really dark place where I could see a sidewalk. “

“I had seen that she was going to be dragged to be resuscitated but qif she would have a heart attacke. And that’s what the Princess of Wales died of, of a heart attack… ”

Meghan Markle’s husband would have consulted him for the first time in 2006. Our colleagues at The Mirror described the exact places ofe their meeting: during a fancy dress party.

Archie’s dad would therefore have approached the clairvoyant saying : ” Sally, you are the lady who used to see my mother. […] I remember, my mother often talked about you, she talked to you a lot. “

And that’s not all ! Harry don’t was not satisfied with a single meeting ! He contacted her again in 2014 to question her again about Lady Diana’s death. The seer then continues:

“I was on vacation in Saint-Tropez and he called me. The first thing he said was: ‘That do you think about my mother’s death? “

Harry wanted also know more about the future of his brother. Something to which the clairvoyant therefore replied: “He’ll be fine and he’ll be king, but he’s in a different bubble than yours. ”

Of course he has asked the medium about her romantic future. She predicted that he would marry a dark haired woman, and that his marriage would last for life.

To this day, Sally believes hard like iron in his relationship with Meghan Markle.


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