Meghan Markle and Harry forgotten by the queen for the wishes of 2022!

The Queen of England wishes all her subjects a Happy New Year! All ? No, Meghan Markle and Harry were forgotten by Elizabeth II …

And above all, Happy New Year to Meghan Markle and Harry! While the Insta account ofElizabeth II posts a jumble of photos from 2021 to celebrate the transition to 2022, the Sussexes have no place in the framework… MCETV explains everything to you!

Wishes, but not for everyone

Because the photo montage barely published on the Insta account The Royal Family, the questions are multiplying. Quite a few fans wonder indeed “Where’s Harry?” ” The queen’s grandson has indeed disappeared from all radars … In any case, royal radars.

“As we look at 2021 in the rearview mirror, let’s happy new year 2022 everyone. » Behind this legend, a series of photos. Memories, beautiful moments … But not Meghan Markle. Not even Prince Harry.

Prince William at Cop 26, the funeral of Prince Philip, memories with Prince Charles: the team of Queen Elizabeth II has not forgotten anything. Nothing, except maybe a couple a little excluded from the family for almost two years.

Prince Harry has indeed decided to give up his rights to the British crown. Alongside Meghan Markle, he took over the management of the United States. Since, the couple live in Los Angeles with their two children, Archie and little Lilibet.

Moreover, Lilibet was born on June 4, 2021. The Queen’s great-granddaughter could therefore have had her place in the middle of her retrospective. But her teams decided otherwise. The Sussexes thus find themselves erased from the memories of the year 2021.

Meghan Markle: an undigested departure?

Whereas the Megxit will celebrate its two years on March 31 2022, it seems that the royal family still has not digested. Relations between Harry and his brother, William, still do not improve … And another memory of 2021 remains alive.

March 7, 2021 will also remain a key date for the royal family. On this day, American TV indeed unveils an exclusive document: the interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by the famous Oprah Winfrey. An interview without tongue in cheek.

The Sussexes thus speak about their ill-being in the family. The former actress reveals thatshe could never feel integrated within the «Firm» She even reveals that some members would have had discussions before Archie was born.

One person in particular then allegedly asked if Meghan Markle and Harry’s son would not be “Too black”. An accusation of racism that shook the family royal. And that gave rise to internal searches to find the “culprits”.

These accusations have thus continued to shake the walls of Buckingham weeks later. A good reason, then, for the Sussexes to find themselves a little apart from the family. Because the royal family had trouble digesting this interview.

Among the events of 2021, the queen therefore retains the exploits of his son, William. And the disappearance of her beloved husband, Prince Philip. But Lilibet, Archie, Meghan and Harry find themselves sidelined.


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