Media chronology: Disney threatens to no longer broadcast its films in theaters in France

Disney does not like the conditions of the reform of the media chronology, which is about to change the French audiovisual landscape. From now on, Mikey’s firm threatens to desert French cinemas. Blame it on French legislation that it considers too strict.

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It will probably not have escaped you, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and others should soon be an integral part of the financing and distribution circuit of French cinema. This news is due to the media timeline reform, a French exception in terms of distribution of feature films (we explained everything that will change here).

The reform aimed to reduce the time limit for making films available to 4 months on streaming platforms, in exchange for a participation in the financing of French cinema. But if Disney has succeeded in reducing the exclusivity of feature films in the cinema to 45 days in the United States (compared to 90 before the health crisis), Mikey’s firm begins to rave about French legislation, which ‘she thinks too harsh.

Disney doesn’t like media timeline reform

The National Center for Cinema and Animated Image (CNC) had thus given French film and television organizations, as well as SVOD services, until July 1 to reach an agreement on this new regulation. The original plan was to define new broadcast windows. A project that will not have more to the Canal group, which had threatened to no longer finance French cinema.

Negotiations ultimately failed, as the free-to-air channels demand an exclusive one-month window on the films they acquire from companies such as Disney. Concretely, this means that SVOD services will have to temporarily remove a title from their platforms during the month in which the film will be broadcast on French television.

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A decision that will not have pleased Disney, which hardens the tone and threatens to completely dodge the cinema box in France. As she already did with Mulan and Luca, the firm with the big ears could well decide to only broadcast your films on Disney +, and this, as soon as they are released.

For Ardavan Safaee, the CEO of Pathé, the situation is worrying. ” If some big American productions skip theatrical release in France, it will impact everyone, including the independent cinema sector, which benefits from the tickets sold for these American blockbusters. “. The cinema industry is still looking for itself after the health crisis: let us hope, however, that all its actors will quickly find common ground.



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