McDonald’s: this restaurant prohibits minors from coming alone after 5 p.m.!

A McDonald’s restaurant in Liverpool will ban its underage customers from coming alone after 5 p.m. because they are too dangerous.

This is a rather strange rule. A McDonald’s restaurant will prohibit access to minors after 5 p.m., unless they are accompanied by an adult. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Fast food prices are rising

For the past few days, McDonald’s customers have noticed that their receipt was a little heavier than usual. Indeed, fast food has increased the prices of certain products.

For example, McDonald’s was forced to raise price of cheeseburger in uk. Indeed, since July 27, its price has therefore gone from 99 pence (1.18 euros) to 1.19 pounds (1.42 euros). That is a 20% increase.

The reason ? McDonald’s reacts following the damage of inflation on certain menus. It had been 14 years since the firm had made such an announcement. A blow for cheeseburger addicts…

However, McDonald’s remains a must. He continues to attract customers. And it’s not a small price increase that will slow them down.

In fact, despite the rise in prices, the American giant continues to attract customers. McDonald’s profits continue to be huge, even though the competition is tough.

However, a McDonald’s restaurant in Liverpool is likely to make a little less profit. Indeed, this will prohibit minors from entering the fast food restaurant alone after 5 p.m. MCE TV tells you more!

A McDonald’s forbidden to minors?

McDonald’s brew a lot of people. Millions of customers go to this fast food joint for food every day.

So it happens that this constant passage leads to the arrival of more or less dangerous customers. An employee of the firm in New York can attest to this. Indeed, the latter was shot because of fries deemed too cold.

The tragedy occurred in Brooklyn, one of the districts of Big Apple. An employee and a 40-year-old woman had a fight over those fries. The customer called her son, who then shot the employee.

Faced with this rise in global violence, McDonald’s has decided to react. Thus, a restaurant in Liverpool will put in place a very specific measure.

In fact, he decided to prohibit minors from eating there after 5 p.m. without an adult. The reason ? For several weeks, the 24-hour fast food restaurant has been the site of numerous incidents, of which the employees are victims.

On several occasions, they would have suffered numerous physical and moral violence from teenagers. “We have a policy of zero tolerance for crime and anti-social behavior, and we have temporarily restricted access to the restaurant to those under 18 from 5 p.m.explains the group.

This decision is mature and considered. It was made in “close collaboration with the local police to find a solution and help reduce these incidents. »

Since the Covid-19 crisis, measures such as wearing a mask, freezing or even social distancing have been grounds for quarrels in McDonald’s. Price increases are also a variable to take into account.


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