McDonald’s takes the place of a French brasserie from the Bocuse group!

Near Lyon, a restaurant of the Bocuse group will be replaced by a McDonald’s fast food. Enough to provoke the anger of the inhabitants!

The acquisition by McDonald’s of the Ouest-Express restaurant, which belonged to the Bocuse group, arouses anger near Lyon. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s remplace Bocuse

It was an institution in the Lyon region ! Owned by the Bocuse group, the Ouest-Express restaurant has been delighting the taste buds of its customers since its launch in 2008 in Vaise, near Lyon.

However, after more than 10 years of service, this gourmet burger establishment has just closed its doors. Indeed, it was sold in September to the McDonald’s group! The American giant has thus bought the premises and the business.

With this sale, the famous Lyon brand is disappearing a little more. Originally, there were indeed three Ouest-Express restaurants in the Lyon region. There will now only be one survivor, in Villefranche-sur-Saône!

For many locals, McDonald’s takeover of the Ouest-Express de Vaise does not go through at all. But then not at all!

And for good reason, residents regret that the very famous brand has been replaced by the American giant. For them, junk food is about to supplant gastronomy at the Bocuse!

To the extent that many residents have started a petition. They are asking the city of Lyon to stop everything, the work but also the opening of the future McDonald’s. The latter should indeed open at the end of next November…. MCE TV tells you more!

McDonald's takes the place of a French brasserie from the Bocuse group!
McDonald’s takes the place of a French brasserie from the Bocuse group!

Angry residents

For many residents, the replacement of the West Express by McDonald’s is unbearable. And some of them today make it a real fight !

“We are told about health, that we must eat healthy, and we are still given something yucky “, regrets for example a former client at the microphone of BFM Lyon.

“We try to instill a way to eat well in our children. Finally, it is the big chains that win for a question of profitability ”, deplores yet another local resident with our colleagues.

Angry customers and residents are also standing up within a collective, called NAMVI. For “No to McDonald’s Vaise Industrie”!

The collective, which has dozens of members, has launched a major petition. She claims to the city of Lyon to stop everything, the works but also the opening of the future McDonald’s!

At present, this petition already includes more than 4,300 signatures, according to BFM Lyon. More generally, she also denounces the proliferation of McDonald’s in the metropolis!

“The goal is what? Is it to have a McDonald’s every two kilometers to get your daily Big Mac on foot? Is that the model of society we are proposing for tomorrow? “, denounces a member of the collective to the TV channel.

Rather than a McDonald’s, the NAMVI collective would like highlight healthy products from the region. They are campaigning for the creation of a “local producers’ hall” instead of fast food.

One thing is certain: the standoff between the inhabitants, McDonald’s and the town hall is not over. To be continued !


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