McDonald’s: large fries are finally back in Japan!

The Japanese are saved! While a shortage of French fries kept McDonald’s customers from ordering, the problem is solved!

In Japan, large fries are making a comeback at McDonald’s. It must be said that for some time, fast food only sold small fries. They were out of stock on the large ones. We explain everything in this article!

Large fries in Japan

There were no more potatoes. This is the reason for the occasional disappearance of large fries at McDonald’s. For a while there was not enough quantity for everyone. So, fast food only served small in Japan.

Sure, it didn’t last very long. Only a few days. But the chain has just announced the return of large fries in all Japanese restaurants. Good news for all customers in need of fries.

According to Kyodo News, McDonald’s will refill large fries in its restaurants starting at 10:30 a.m. Japanese time. The end of a long enough shortage. All this for flooding across the ocean. Because the problem is not from Japan!

Restaurants indeed receive their fries from abroad. Exactly, from Canada. But the land of North America has experienced a lot of bad weather… And even floods. Especially in a special port: that of the city of Vancouver.

Big problem for McDonald’s: the fries in its restaurants in Japan leave precisely from this port. They therefore have could not send anything for several days… And so Japan did not receive anything. It was thus necessary to save the fries.

In fact, Japan has stopped selling large fries. By only selling small ones, this allowedwait for new stocks to arrive. Except that a boat, it still takes a while to cross …

McDonald's: large fries are finally back in Japan!
McDonald’s: large fries are finally back in Japan!

McDonalds: the plane to the rescue

« La suspension a caused a lot of trouble to our customers« , said the fast food firm thus concedes on its website. But there is no question of letting go. It was therefore necessary to reflect and find a viable solution.

And if the fries don’t arrive by sea, they will arrive by air! McDonald’s Japan has indeed decided to go by plane. Several tons of fries thus took place in a Boeing 747, direction the Japanese peninsula!

“We will continue to cooperate with importers and suppliers to ensure a stable supply ”, thus assures the firm in its press release. And for these rescue flights, she decided to trust Flexport.

The company does not hide its pride, and thus displays its partnership with McDonald’s on its social networks. “Flexport comes from sign a contract to transport three loads potatoes in Japan. “

This contract should not extend beyond three deliveries. But it should be enough ” for help cope with the shortage of French fries« , as Ryan Peterse, CEO of The Freight Company proudly announces. Enough to help Japanese customers find the big fries they missed!


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