McDonald’s: in which restaurant is the cheapest Big Mac in France?

In France, the price of the Big Mac varies according to the city in which it is purchased. So where to find the cheapest McDonald’s?

Even if it’s the same recipe, the Big Mac does not always have the same price. Indeed, depending on its location, McDonald’s sells its famous burger more or less expensive. So, where to find the one at a low price? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

McDonald’s et ses best-sellers

Even if the novelties cause a sensation, sometimes the classics always please. Like what, sometimes it is not necessary toinvent other products. And one thing is certain, McDonald’s fans have understood this. Indeed, at the American brand, versions old shool of his burgers work the most.

This is why, even its new product, the McPlant is not unanimous. For this burger, McDonald’s has replaced ground beef with a protein-based steak peas and rice. However, for the moment, it is only available in two countries: Sweden and Denmark. Like what the fast-food chain is not ready to adopt everywhere.

Moreover, one of his bestsellers is still a hit. In effect, the Big Mac has been a must since its release in 1967. And to give rise to such a popular burger, his historyit is also exceptional.

Indeed, the successful product of McDonald’s still sells as well. So, according to the numbers, it flows no less than 17 Big Macs per second in the USA. Finally, if you are a fan of this burger, know that it is available at low prices in some restaurants in France. MCE TV tells you more!

A Big Mac at a low price?

At McDonald’s, prices are not all created equal. Indeed, the fast-food chain has the ability to set the price she wants to its products. Thus, to enjoy a Big Mac in France, you will have to pay between 4.45 and 6.90€. Eh yes !

Eating a Big Mac at a high price won’t taste the same as eating it at a low price. In effect, the famous burger can be had cheaper, depending on its location. Thus, thanks to a meticulous comparison, we can conclude that it is in Vincennes that McDonald’s is available at a reduced price.

Indeed, in the Val-de-Marne it is possible to enjoy a Big Mac for €4.40. Conversely, it is in Dijon that the burger with the mysterious sauce costs the most. Thus, it is sold at nearly €7 in several towns around the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

However, sometimes, differences can be visible in the same city. In effect, in Paris all McDonald’s do not have the same price. Thus, depending on the district, you will pay more or less. So, to eat a Big Mac without breaking the bank, it’s at the restaurant located Rue d’Orsel (18th) that you will have to go.

Finally, according to the American brand, Big Mac prices vary by location, their size, their capacity. Her recipe has always been the same.

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Fir Mamat / Alamy / Abaca


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