McDonald’s announces the return of the Goat McWrap for a limited time!

As often, McDonald’s is updating its menu with new sandwiches. Like the McWrap Goat cheese, which returns after a moment of absence …

The McDonald’s menu is getting bigger and bigger. This time, the giant will delight the cheese and veggie lovers. This, with a sandwich already well known to the public: the McWrap Goat cheese. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The return of McWrap Goat cheese on the menu of your McDonald’s

McDonald’s will give you a new argument for coming back to its restaurant. Indeed, the restaurant offers again, on its menu, a popular sandwich.

No burger, but a wrap, as the giant usually does, in addition to its Big Mac, Big tasty, 280 and all! Something to lick our chops.

The American therefore proposes again in France, a recipe that will delight vegetarians and cheese lovers. Without more suspense, it is the McWrap Goat.

This recipe will therefore undoubtedly please everyone, or almost. On social networks, the giant has already teased the return of its iconic recipes.

The sandwich arises as “A delicious vegetarian recipe”, as indicated on the firm’s website. It’s made of two crispy goat cheese and hot.

Side garnish, we are entitled to a creamy and smooth sauce, fried onions, salad and tomato rings. “All wrapped in a pancake”, as McDo reminds us.

A sandwich that will come back for a limited time, as often with this well-known McDonald’s recipe.

The other wrap offered by the firm right now, is the New York Goat Chicken / Bacon Wrap. And that’s not all !

The breaded goat cheese that makes up the McWrap will also be found in the mini wrap as well as in the box to share, which also includes chicken sticks and nuggets.

McDonald’s: breaded goat cheese also back in the box to share

“The McWrap Goat is back at McDonald’s”, can we read on the Twitter account of the rival of Burger King. “Breaded goat cheese, crispy fried onions, with tomatoes, salad and a creamy ranch sauce ”.

To make our mouths water, the giant didn’t just describe the sandwich to us. He also wanted to tease us by introducing us visuals of his dishes.

Gourmet dishes, which prepare our appetite, especially as the lunch break approaches. As much to say to you that in the drafting, some already seemed to the cleat for order on Uber Eats!

Or on the McDonald’s app, an app on which it is possible to accumulate points for each euro spent. For example, after 60 points, we are entitled to a sandwich.

For 75 points, the full menu is available to us. Which could therefore help us to save nearly ten euros.

If McDonald’s vegetarian alternative is eyeing us, we must admit that its episodic character enraged more than one. And rightly so!

We can’t wait for the restaurant chain to offer us a vegetarian or even vegan offer, for example with a McPlant available all year round, as in the United Kingdom.


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