McDonald’s: a customer is fined after eating too slowly!

In the UK, a slow-moving customer was fined for taking too long to eat his McDonald’s order.

For this McDonald’s customer, the bill is more than salty. While enjoying his order, he was fined for taking too long to finish it. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s: customers like no other

The McDonald’s brand serves millions of customers around the world every day. Thus, the fast-food abounds anecdotes just as crispy as their fries.

Indeed, some customers find it a feat to get noticed, whether for good or ill. For example, it is common for some customers to go to the drive-thru to pick up their order.

While most of them go by car or on two wheels, some have decided to get there…on horseback. Yes, two customers located in the Landes went look for their burgers on their mountLike nothing ever happened.

The scene was therefore filmed and posted on social networks. She quickly made the rounds of the Internet and seems to have made the employees of this McDonald’s laugh a lot.

But the American brand can also be the cradle of life. Yes, it has already happened that a woman ofonne birth in the middle of the restaurant.

Well helped by the employees, this woman was able to give birth without any problem. Moreover, the little boy is nicknamed Little Nugget by McDonald’s employees. So cute !

But McDonald’s customers don’t just bring good news. A British customer can testify to this. He was fined for taking too long to eat. MCE TV tells you more!

A fine of 115 euros for eating too slowly

Some McDonald’s customers aren’t the luckiest. In fact, sometimes they face big fines because of their love for the fast-food brand.

For example, one had to pay $2,664 for transporting a McDonald’s bag between Indonesia and Australia. Yes, the latter faced very strict bio-security restrictions.

But you don’t have to go that far to get a nice fine. A British client pays the price. Sharpour Meftah was given two fixed fines for having parked more than 90 minutes in a McDonald’s.

Indeed, he joined his brother inside the restaurant. Happy to share a moment with his family, he therefore decided to take his time to taste his menu in good company.

But to his surprise, a few days later he received a fine of 115 euros from UK Parking Control, the company that manages the car park. He also had to pay two fines since he made a mistake on the evenings of January 4 and 6.

” It is the most expensive McDonald’s I have ever eaten. There is no sign in the fast food that tells you that you only have 90 minutes to eat. I didn’t feel like rushing and had ordered quite a bit of food”he explained to Cambridgeshire Live.

Sharpour Meftah tried to ask McDonald’s for help. But being responsible for nothing, the sign could not do anything. This may make him eat a little faster in the future!


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