May 2023 The Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

May 2023 The Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes:

Anime Fighters Simulator was a great game that Roblox users who like anime fights shouldn’t miss. As we performed Anime Fighters, we travelled to different places based on anime, like Dragon Ball Z’s Super Island and Naruto’s Ninja Village.

By using yen to call cartoon heroes, your goal is to make the best team in the world. Some of the fighters, like Master Roshi, Vegeta, as well as Super Saiyan 2 Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, are easy for us to identify.

In Anime Fighter Simulator, you fight all kinds of enemies to show that you are the best anime hero ever. Like in the famous TV show Naruto, you will be able to go from island to island, face obstacles, and get better as you go.

If you want a head start, you may utilize codes to get free boosts, prizes, and even yen. Check back frequently to see if there are any new codes.

List Of Code:

Code Reward Active/Expired
BillionVisits 1x Dungeon Token / 1x Super Luck Boost / 1x Super Drop Boost / 1x Illusionist Ticket / 50x Passive Tokens / 25x Requiem Tokens Active [Latest]
TheAbyss 1x Dungeon Token / 1x Luck Boost / 1 Requiem Tokens / 10x Passive Tokens / 1x Super Damage Boost / 1x Super XP Boost / 1x Dungeon Cooldown Reset Active [Latest]
Insane1Million x10 Passive Tokens / x1 Super Luck Boost / x1 Super Drop Boost / x1 Super Damage Boost / x1 Super Yen Boost Active [Latest]
WorldAtWar x1 Dungeon Token / x10 Passive Tokens / x5 Drop Boosts / x1 Super Yen Boost / x1 Defense Token Active [Latest]
UpdateDelaySad x20 Passive Tokens / x1 Shiny Boost Active
DungeonRefund3 Free Rewards Active
SummerEvent Free Boosts Active
MiniUpdatePog Free Boosts Active
SoulAcademy Free Boosts Active
Thanks900k Free rewards Active
LandOfGuts Free rewards Active
SubMedTw Luck boost Active
Sub2Veyar Luck boost Active
BronzePiece_ EXP boost Active

How To Use Codes In The Game:

Follow the instructions below to get free in-game cash and gems by redeeming codes in the game. With these prizes, you can improve your character, making it easier to kill your opponents and get to the top of the rankings.

  1. Open Roblox and start Anime Fighters Simulator.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click the Twitter button.
  3. Simply copy & paste or just type the code that works into the “Enter Code Here” box.
  4. Click the green button to confirm, receive, and get the prize for your free code.

How To Get More Codes For The Anime Fighter Simulator:

The most effective way to receive codes is to follow the writer on Twitter so you can find out about new codes as soon as they arrive out. You can additionally join their Discord to be a part of their group and maybe get Anime Fighters Simulator codes.

Most of the time, Roblox creators add fresh codes when they hit certain goals in the community, such as getting a certain number of likes.

Please check this page often to stay knowledgeable on codes. We work hard to learn about new codes and evaluate them often to make sure you always get the best.

My Codes Don’t Seem To Work:

Some codes will operate if you are in Sulley’s Roblox Group, so the best way to make sure all of the codes work is to join that group. When you write a code by hand, there is a chance that you will add extra letters or numbers.

We suggest that you instead copy the code here and put it within the text box. If you’re sure you didn’t misspell the code, it may have already been used. If this happens, kindly let us know so we can put it in the area for things that have ended.

Lastly, it’s possible that you’ve already used the code. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to use it again. It’s straightforward to do because some numbers look alike. If you try any of these codes and they don’t seem to work, please leave a comment as well as let us know.

We’ll check them again in as little time as possible and, if necessary, change this guide.

What Are The Codes For The Anime Fighter Simulator?

When you use Anime Fighter Simulator codes, you get free stuff. Most of these come in the shape of different boosts which can improve your chances of getting legendary or mythic cartoon fights or even the legendary Shiny versions.

Sometimes they’ll provide you Yen, which you’re able to use to call new fighters and mix them to make them better. You can also use your Yen to open fresh worlds where you may obtain more of your best anime fighters.

What Does The Anime Fighters Simulator Do?

Anime Fighters Simulator places you in control of your team as well as lets you fight like in anime, which is the most thrilling and addicting part.

Gather a team of the best fighters within the universe, train them effectively until they are one of the greatest squads in the universe, and explore new worlds.

Click on your enemies to beat them. As soon as you do, your fighters will start to charge up their special moves, which will destroy your enemies in style.

Try to put together an elite team of anime heroes so you can explore, conquer, and beat every opponent on new worlds. It really is the best game for fans of both Roblox and anime.


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