May 2023 State Of Survival Redeem Codes

May 2023 State Of Survival Redeem Codes:

Since it came out over twelve months ago, State of Survival has been a big hit on both Android and iOS.

State of Survival was a mobile game that places players in the middle of a disaster where zombies aren’t the only thing to worry about. Civilization has ended, and the plague has spread quickly. Your town is the only place where people are able to survive.

Who Made A Game Called State Of Survival?

State of Survival was a zombie apocalypse strategy game that can be played on Apple iOS and Android devices. It was made by Kings Group Games.

You will be putting together a group of survivors and trying to build an arsenal so that you can defend it from the waves of zombies that are going to arrive at you.

Send A Squad To Kill Monsters And Get Free Rewards In The Game:

Send your team out to kill the monsters outside your walls so you can get useful resources that can assist protect you. In this zombie survival game set after the end of the world, you have to stay alive and do well.

To stay alive, you and your small group of people have to scrape by and fight off all kinds of risks while making something that looks like life.

As with many other mobile games, you can enter special codes that may offer you different prizes in the game. You can use these codes in State of Survival to get things like biocaps, speed-ups, as well as search maps.

What Are Codes For In Games?

If you want free stuff, our list of State of Survival codes will help you find it. If you don’t know how to use codes in the game State of Survival,

Discover below the list of codes! Make sure to add this page to your favorites by pressing CTRL+D on your computer or using the “Add to Favorites” button on your phone.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
SAVETHEAMAZON materials Active [Latest]
DOFINALS23 materials Active [Latest]
eliminationrounds materials Active
DalmaZerosAll materials Active
MODSTHANKU materials Active
THEGURU materials Active
PCVersionXApr materials Active
PCVersionXMar Biocap, Metal, Food, Wood, and Speedups Active
sos1234 500 Biocaps, a Epic Search Map, five Rusty Fragments, 100 copies of 1k Gas, 100 copies of 1k Metal, 300 copies of 1k Food, and 300 copies of 1k Wood Active

How To Redeem Codes In Game?

  1. Open your personal profile
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Press the button labelled “Gift Redemption.”
  4. Type the code precisely as it shows up in the list over in the text box.
  5. Go to the game’s main screen.
  6. Select the Mail button in the bottom right part of the screen.
  7. Click the Read as well as Claim All button within the bottom left area of the screen.


Remember that you input the codes precisely as they are written in our post. If you don’t, you could discover that they don’t work, which means you might have put them wrong.

But after you’ve double-checked them, let us understand whether any of the codes don’t work or have already ended, and we’ll update the list of codes as soon as we can.

Getting More Codes:

The official State of Survival Facebook page is where you can find codes as they are released. If you would like to talk with other players, you can join their Discord group. We will keep track of any fresh codes that come out, so come back to this tab to see what’s new.

My Codes Don’t Seem To Work:

You have to finish the short introduction before you can enter codes. After that, you may obtain your prizes by following the steps above. Check to determine if you misspelt any of the codes that don’t work.

If so, you should type it again. To avoid this, simply copy and paste the codes from the list of working codes into the text box for gift exchange.

If the codes yet don’t work, it’s likely that they’re no longer valid. Codes for State of Survival only work for a short time, so use them quickly. Visit this page to get the State of Survival codes every time.

How To Get More Codes For State Of Survival:

Follow the main State of Survival pages on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Discord to find more gift codes. If you want everything within one place, save this page as a favorite and come back to it often. We’ll add new codes as soon as they come out.

What Does State Of Survival Mean?

State of Survival serves as a free strategy game where you can build bases and kill zombies.

To win, you’ll have to set up your base, improve its facilities, and fight zombies for strategic points as well as resources. So, you can build more buildings while discovering more heroes who can assist you fight zombies.


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