Matrix 4: a first opinion fell, the film may not reach consensus

Matrix 4 is slated for release next year. Highly anticipated by fans, the film was unveiled at a screening. The opportunity to have a first opinion on this fourth opus which should be called Resurrections.

Matrix 4
Matrix 4

Information on Matrix 4 is far from being legion while the film is scheduled for March 30, 2022. Lucky guys were however able to attend a first screening. And one of them, David Manning, shared his feelings on Twitter. Obviously, he did not reveal anything of the plot, the public having had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before discovering the feature film.

First information, the film should indeed be titled Matrix: Resurrections. It is indeed the title which appeared on the screen during the projection. Moreover, David Manning confides that this fourth part is “Bizarre, captivating, surprisingly funny and excessively ambitious”. However, it may not appeal to everyone, according to him. While some should highly appreciate it, others might be very disappointed. It must be said that the expectation surrounding the film is very strong, the last opus being released in 2003, that is to say almost 20 years ago!

Will Matrix 4 succeed in seducing the public?

As a reminder, the cast of Matrix 4 will consist of Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett-Smith. They will reprise their original roles as Neo, Trinity and Niobe. On the sidelines of the shoot, Keanu Reeves was also seen without a beard and with very short hair. Proof that his character of Neo was once again disconnected from the matrix, as in the first part?

Anyway, we regret the absence of Laurence Fishburne who will not resume his role of Morpheus in Matrix 4. The character will however be present. It would be camped by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who did not hide his enthusiasm for the quality of the feature film. « It’s different and it’s the same at the same time. It’s a really, really smart mix between what we want and what we want without knowing it », said the actor, quoted by Collider. We will have to wait almost a year to get to the bottom of it.

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