Mass Effect: This mod remakes all the censored scenes showing Miranda’s buttocks

Seasoned Mass Effect players know this very well: Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which includes the remaster of the first three games in the Mass Effect series, no longer features the famous scenes with Miranda. Until today since a new mod comes to solve this “problem”.

Mass Effect Miranda
Image BioWare

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition released in May 2021 on PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. This pack includes all core game content plus all DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. New weapons, armor and other special packs have also been added and all three games are remastered and optimized to be playable in 4K.

On the other hand and the aficionados of the series will have noticed it: some scenes including rather subjective camera angles, in particular with Miranda, were like “cut in the assembly”. A novelty that will not have pleased this player who has decided to release a mod to resolve the issue.

He creates a mod to put the glutes back in the spotlight in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

If you play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and you know the original games, you’ve probably noticed something is wrong. Indeed, legendary camera angles which appear in certain cutscenes and in particular with Miranda were removed by BioWare.

If it was an intentional framing, several players had denounced the fact that the studio objectified too much its female characters. Indeed, several scenes similar Miranda, but also Thane, Jacob and even Zaeed seemed a little off topic, the fault of the framing of the camera slightly unusual.

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BioWare had therefore decided remove as many glutes as possible in the plans of the remastered versions. A deletion that will have been talked about. Videos, articles and lengthy discussion threads piled up on the Internet, sometimes even with some allegations of censorship.

Until today: for those who want to find these famous scenes, the mod Miranda Buttshots Restored on Nexus Mods comes to put things in their place by adding all the modified plans of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

The author of the mod has only one simple message to say about his project: ” Now you can enjoy the view of this woman’s butt as she talks about extremely sad and serious things just like you did before “. Whether deemed doubtful, downright beautiful or essential (or all three), here is the Miranda Buttshots Restored mod.


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