Marvel: Hugh Jackman teases Wolverine’s arrival in the MCU

Hugh Jackman is the one who plays the role of Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise, and has been since 2000. In recent days, the Australian actor has fueled rumors and speculation regarding the possible return of the superhero to Marvel. A “tease” that drives the fans completely crazy.

Marvel Hugh Jackman MCU
Hugh Jackman dans Logan. Image Marvel, montage PaperGeek

Will Wolverine land in the MCU soon at Marvel? Highly possible. If the rumors of his return have intensified for several months, Hugh Jackman has fun teasing fans on social networks. Through a series of images broadcast in stories, the one who plays the role of the mutant feeds speculations of his possible return to Marvel. By the way, did you know why Hugh Jackman never wears Wolverine’s yellow suit?

Hugh Jackman would he be teasing his return to Marvel?

Hugh Jackman is fueling speculation around his possible return as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On his Instagram account, the actor shared a fan of Wolverine art produced by BossLogic. Almost 24 hours later, the Australian actor had fun posting an old photo of himself online, posing next to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige at San Diego International Comic-Con. The screenshots of the stories can be found below.

BossLogic’s work, on the left, presents Wolverine extending his claws against a completely black background. His right arm is barely visible, with the only light reflecting off his iconic claws. After sharing a photo of him and the director of Marvel Studios, Hugh Jackman also shared a tribute to Richard Donner, the director of Superman andFatal weapon recently passed away. The actor has the quality of “ one of the most talented, brave, cheeky, funny and loyal directors to ever make movies ».

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Chances are, Wolverine will end up in the MCU one day. Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox gave the studio the rights to the X-Men (and Fantastic Four) film franchises. In addition, Kevin Feige has already confirmed that Marvel Studios ” was planning something For the X-Men at Comic-Con 2019, in addition to the named reboot Mutants.

Since the departure of Hugh Jackman after Logan made in 2017, fans expect only one thing: that he comes back once again to give a nice shot claw whip to the MCU.

Retour Wolverine MCU
Instagram Stories Screenshots @thehughjackman


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