Marvel: Adidas and Nike sneakers in tribute to Spider-Man, Loki and Black Widow

Playing her superhero right down to the sneakers wouldn’t displease some MCU fans. Who should be seduced by these models of Adidas and Nike sneakers giving pride of place to Loki, Spider-Man, Black Widow or even Ant-Man.

The Nike in the effigy of Spider-Man

Nike and Adidas sneakers in the colors of your favorite superheroes. A concept that should appeal to many fans of the Marvel universe. Which would not hesitate to heat the credit card to offer them. As British retailer The Sole Supplier reveals, a range dedicated to superheroic characters has been imagined by talented designers. Among the superheroes in the spotlight, we find Spider-Man who will return to the cinema on December 15.

The model titled « The Spiderverse » takes the form of a pair of red and blue Air Jordan 1s. A spider’s web is notably encrusted under the famous comma. Small detail that kills: the names of the actors who put on Spidey’s costume at the movies – Holland, Maguire and Garfield – appear on the straps. Then we can admire another model titled « The Lokis ». This is a pair of Adidas Forum featuring several shades of green around gold finishes. A beautiful tribute to Loki and his variants which will soon be rife in season 2 on Disney +.

Nike and Adidas sneakers with Marvel sauce

By the way, Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff also gets sneakers in her image. Concretely, it is a pair of Nike Dunk entitled « The Romanov’s ». In detail, it combines suede and leather textures matching the costume of the famous spy. Red laces and gold grooves on the heel complete it all. Finally, a pair of Air Jordan takes the red and black hues of the costume of Ant-Man alias Scott Lang.

At the moment, these superheroic sneakers are just concepts. So they are not marketed. However, they could inspire fans keen to create their own personalized sneakers. And in the event that they end up being put on sale, we can already anticipate that they will sell out very quickly. While waiting to find out more, you can still admire these daring sneakers below.



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