Mars: admire the planet in 3D with this image captured by Ingenuity

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has just provided the very first 3D view of the planet Mars, captured during its thirteenth flight (dating back to September 11). A big first for NASA, which has just published the image on its official website. You can find it at the bottom of the article.

Ingenuity, image NASA
Ingenuity © NASA

Ingenuity is a small helicopter weighing just under two kilograms and designed by the US space agency, NASA. On April 19, 2021, for the first time in the history of the space age, Ingenuity made the very first powered flight to another planet. The objective is to test the capabilities of such a device in such a tenuous atmosphere.

Alongside the Perseverance rover, the small helicopter regularly reveals images of the red planet. This very first snapshot captured last April or the first historical images of his first successful flight attest to this. Several months after taking off for the first time, the NASA helicopter unveils us today a first view in 3D from the surface of the planet (see the bottom of the article).

See the ground of Mars in 3D thanks to Ingenuity

The 3D view represents a rock covered mound, located in the “South Seítah” region of the Jezero de Mars crater. This geological target is named ” Riftfire »By NASA, after a medieval abbey located in our French Alps. She was captured at 8 meters high.

About 10 meters wide, the mound is particularly visible. We see in particular big rocks casting shadows. A part of Artuby, a ridge over 900 meters wide, runs across the top of the image. At the bottom of the image, and vertically to the middle, are some of the many ripples in the sand.

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More pleasantly discerned with red-blue glasses, this 3D view (also called anaglyph) was created by combining data from two images taken 5 meters apart by the color camera on board Ingenuity.

Since arriving on Mars with its companion Perservance, the Ingenuity helicopter has performed increasingly complicated flights. After 13 flights and a big update, the latter is about to go to sleep to prepare for the Martian solar conjunction in mid-October 2021.

Ingenuity 3D Mars



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