Married at first sight: Pauline and Damien can’t wait to be parents!

Since Married at first sight, Pauline and Damien seem super happy. Moreover, they are now ready to become parents.

Pauline and Damien have never hidden their desire to become parents. Indeed, the two candidates of Married at first sight confide in this subject. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Married at First Sight: There’s Love in the Air

Since the arrival of Married at first sight on M6, many couples have seen the light of day. Indeed, thanks to the rigorous work of the experts, the candidates often manage to find their soul mate. It must be said that the team of experts really leaves nothing to chance and never forgets to pull out all the stops. Brilliant!

Moreover, some couples formed in Married at first sight continue to give news after the broadcast of the program. Indeed, they share their life on social networks. To the delight of the most curious internet users.

This is the case for example of Vivien and Charline. More in love than ever, the two lovebirds seem to live a real fairy tale. Now parents of a little girl, they have even decided to say ‘yes’ for the third time. Yes, just that!

For their part, Bruno and Alicia also appear super in love. If these encountered some difficulties Coming out of Married at First Sight they seem today have found their balance. Something to reassure their fans therefore. Phew!

At the same time, Pauline and Damien are also super happy. Moreover, the flagship couple of Married at first sight even confided in wanting a child. MCE TV tells you more!

Pauline and Damien want to become parents?

It’s no longer a secret, since their release of Married at First Sight, Pauline and Damien spin the perfect love. Indeed, the couple who has just celebrated its first anniversary appears happier than ever. Too cute !

If everything seems to be going well for the two lovebirds of Married at first sight, there is a shadow on the board. In fact, a few weeks ago, Pauline confided in her difficulties in becoming a mother. She then returned to her difficult miscarriage. Something to move internet users who hadn’t seen it coming.

If the couple had decided to be more discreet about it since this announcement, they confided again. Indeed, on the occasion of their first year together, the young woman has decided to make a beautiful statement to her darling.

Indeed, the candidate of Married at first sight confided: “To our one year of love! What an amazing experience. Who would have believed it ? A year ago we were just strangers, souls in search of love… And then there was this day, October 1, 2021 and our eyes met for the first time! »

Before continuing: “How far we’ve come since… We’ve moved in together, traveled together, bought a house together. (…) We have a lot of projects together and we will get there. »

The two lovebirds of Married at first sight have not finished living great adventures. To be continued.


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