Married at first sight: Marlène in the worst shape since giving birth!

On Instagram, Marlène (Married at first sight) told her fans that she no longer accepted her body at all since she gave birth!

On May 31, Marlène de Married at first sight welcomed her first child. It is a little boy named Sandro who makes the couple happy.

“How to accept this new body”

If Marlène (Married at first sight) is very happy to have given birth, she still has trouble accepting her body since giving birth. In any case, this is what she confided to her fans.

This Thursday, August 4, Marlène (Married at first sight) shared a photo of a photo shoot of her pregnancy. She poses with a bra, and a lace vest. But that’s not all.

She proudly displayed her baby bump. With her best smile and her hands resting on her belly, she was unanimous. In legend, she still made a sad confidence to her fans.

She revealed: “That’s it, it’s at this precise moment the last time I found myself pretty. Pregnant and sublimated by the talented Caroline Tallagrand. Since giving birth, it’s been a disaster”.

The Married at First Sight candidate also continued: ” The weight. The belly still marked by pregnancy. And yet empty, fatigue on the face, pimples« .

Before adding: “How to accept this new body of ours. But that we no longer recognize? The midwife keeps telling me that it takes 9 months to have a child and 9 months for her body to recover! ».

Marlène (Married at first sight) on edge

The candidate of Married at first sight therefore revealed: “What if I didn’t want to wait 9 months? My greatest consolation is looking at my son and thinking that without him all this could not have been possible”.

Marlène of Married at first sight also explained: And just for that I say THANK YOU. Thank you for being strong and healthy enough to create the most beautiful thing that life could give me« .

A former reality TV candidate then shared her experience. Julie, mother of a little Déa, has also spoken on the subject. She confided: “I experienced it very badly”.

She also confided to Marlène (Married at first sight): “I saw all these girls no longer having a stomach a few weeks later and I fell apart. ‘It’s for when ?’ I had given birth 2 months ago..

Before revealing: ” We are all different. It took time for my body to recover and to find an appearance in which I feel comfortable… The gaze of the others bothered me a lot« .

The Beijing Express candidate confessed to Marlène (Married at first sight): “Even today I still don’t feel well enough but my life as a mom is worth all the bumps in the world”.

Before concluding : “I strive to be better & I accept myself. You are going to live the most beautiful life, learn to love yourself. And the better you feel, the more the machine will engage”.


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