Married at first sight: Cyndie may think of her ex Jauffrey!

Cyndie and Jauffrey didn’t end up together in Married at First Sight. But the young woman has plenty of plans.

In the last season of Married at first sight, Jauffrey and Cyndie got married. And if at the beginning, everything was fine, in the end, the young woman did not project herself with this man whom she found not mature enough. But does she still think of him?

Married at first sight: a couple that will not have lasted

We could have believed it. Indeed, at the start of Married at First Sight, Jauffrey and Cyndie seemed to be made for each other. And yet, the couple did not hold. It must be said that the young woman found her husband not very mature.

We remember this famous scene in his apartment where he couldn’t even use the toilet. A sequence that shocked both viewers but also Cyndie who wondered if there was really a future with him.

But since then, Jauffrey found love out of Married at First Sight. And the latter confided in this subject on his networks. He posted a photo where he was seen holding a woman in his arms. A brunette but not Cyndie.

Moreover, the latter talked about his relationship with the young woman. Because during the broadcast, the couple did not take the next step. Indeed, the two have never had intimate relations. And for the candidate, it had not been easy.

« I tried to get closer to her on the wedding night and during the stay at her home. She refused every time“. confided the candidate of Married at first sight. In any case, since then, Cyndie has turned the page! And she has plenty of plans.

Cyndie’s projects

And we hope Cyndie’s plans don’t remind her of her husband from Married at First Sight. Because the young woman is embarking on major work. And the young woman does everything herself. She insisted on being an independent woman.

« Alone, like a grown-up. We don’t forget that we are an independent woman, and that suddenly, we do not ask for help because you want to be that independent woman. And we are disgusted not to ask for help because in fact, we do not want to do it”.

Indeed, the former candidate of Married at first sight plans to create ventilation in the bedroom of her apartment. She laughed: I don’t know if I’m giving you a tutorial for ventilation or an independent woman tutorial« .

Work that could remind him of Jauffrey’s apartment which was in a bad state. If the young man was also doing work, it took time. ” Looks like a teenager’s apartment” she confided at the time.

For the moment, from what we know, the young woman is still a heart to take. For his part, the swimmer seems to have found love. To see if it lasts. If the show didn’t work for them, everyone went their own way.

Good news, however, for Married at First Sight fans: Pauline is expecting her first child!


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