Married at first sight: Cécile’s daughter appears with her father!

On social networks, the daughter of Cécile (Married at first sight) was shown to be very close to her father!

While she is very attached to her mother Cécile (Married at first sight) Anissa has decided to spend a vacation with her father. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Married at first sight: the daughter to her mother

You discovered Cécile in Married at first sight. If she has everything to charm a man, she has an obstacle: her sometimes toxic relationship with her daughter Anissa.

Indeed, mother and daughter are like two girlfriends. They share everything together. They love each other so much that they refuse to share their happiness. And unfortunately, that’s not always healthy.

The young mother talked about it in the Villa of Broken Hearts. She told Lucie that her daughter could be rough with the men she dates.

You most certainly remember her relationship with Alain in Married at First Sight. Their relationship did not last because of small arguments that had opened their eyes to the fact thatthey weren’t made to live together.

And on her side, Anissa admits that her mother surrounds her a little too much. In the Villa of broken hearts, she constantly sought his gaze instead of focusing on his relationship.

Anissa also has a strong temper. This is the reason why it has not been unanimous on social networks. Especially after his time on TPMP.

But whatever the criticism, Cécile’s daughter focuses on her happiness. Besides, know that she is currently on vacation. We tell you more below!

Anissa spends her holidays with her father

For her holidays, Anissa decided to spend time with her dear and tender dad. She doesn’t talk about it much. And yet, she has just unveiled an unpublished photo of her father.

The pretty brunette takes advantage of a good day at the beach to sunbathe. But also and above all to have fun with his father. He looks a lot like him physically.

He is brown, and has exactlyt the same facial features as her. Cécile’s ex-companion (Married at first sight) is very young. He gives the impression of being his friend, or his big brother!

And one thing is certain, he has already caused a sensation within the community of the beautiful Anissa. The comments are very positive: your father is super young”, “omg he is so handsome”, “I thought he was your new guy”, “beautiful father-daughter relationship”.

Afterwards, Anissa added that her father was barely 40 years old. This is therefore the reason why he is very complicit with his child.

In terms of private life, the young woman is therefore in a relationship. She is going out with a certain Melvin who participated in the program “And if we met” on M6. She was in Saint Tropez with him in lovex. His fans therefore validate this new relationship. Anissa proudly displays her smile.


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