Mario Strikers: Battle League Football review – Only “number ones” in my team

After the usual activities reserved for the rich like the course automobile, tennis or Golfit feels so good to see Mario’s clique engage in a commoner’s sport, 15 years after Charged Football. Finally, only a part, because if the main novelty of the new title of Next Level Games (Luigi’s Mansion 3) is to be able to compose the bloodsport team of his dreams (for me, it is).

Contrary to Charged Football which quickly showed its limits (if we were planning to play seriously), the American studio clearly had big ambitions for gameplay Battle League Football : all facets of the game have been refined, and several mechanics to master intertwine to a nice organized mess. It’s sometimes messy, but no action is left to chance.

Just see the length of the tutorial who takes the time to make sure you understand all mechanics : Battle League Football can turn out to be quite intimidating if you plan to play seriously. Outraged tackles of extreme violence (but still very funny thanks to very neat animations), the title reminds me a lot of Blood Bowl : every action carries different risks, and the secret of victory lies in not pulling too hard on the rope.

In between the different types of passestackles, dodges, sprints, different types of shots and the famous hyper-strikes, there are a thousand and one reasons why something going terribly wrong, immediately providing an advantage to the opponent. But it’s worth it: thanks to a perfect timing system for all of these mechanics, the risks are often rewarded with realizations particularly satisfying. You have to work these guardians to the body, then able to stop the shooting the most unlikely. The reverse is also true…

The other major difference is that Blood Bowl is a turn-based game, while Battle League Football va HYPER MEGA VITE. There are so many options available to a moment T that it’s hard to process everything that happens on the pitch, but it’s this dynamism that will surely interest players allergic to FIFA. Oh yes it’s true. FIFA no longer exists.

But despite the ambient bazaar, Battle League Football often finds a nice balance pointalthough the free-for-alls caused by a field a bit too restricted can regularly bring bouts of frustration. Other mechanics then ensure that the violence is not the one and only solution (we would like to), like the spectators who distribute objects to the team that has just take a free tackle. These gifts from heaven are not to be underestimated, because they clearly have the power to guarantee goals in some configurations, so even if it’s funny, take it easy on the jostling.

To bring more depth to a gameplay that is already smarter than it looks, player statistics clearly make a difference in the field, reinforcing the different actions. Add to that an equipment system which allows you to refine specializations, and you can actually create a team that perfectly matches the way you play. It’s up to you if you like a motley team which allows you to react to more situations, or if you prefer impose a style of play to the opponent.

And then, I would never have thought that we could admire Harmony in full composite armor somewhere other than Deviantart.


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