March: China unveils breathtaking images and strange noises from Zhurong rover

After the United States, China also successfully sent a rover to the Red Planet. Zhurong thus put down his suitcases on May 14 on Mars. A new sequence allows you to listen to the bizarre sounds it emits when leaving its lander.

Le rover Zhurong
Zhurong on Mars (Credits: CNSA)

The Chinese rover Zhurong arrived on Mars on May 14, 2021. Before finally descending from its landing pad on May 22 to start its Martian quest. As a reminder, the United States had already invested the red planet for a long time through the Curiosity rover (then more recently by Perseverance). China thus becomes the second country to achieve the feat of landing a rover on Mars.

Since then, the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) has not ceased to distill pictures and sequences of its rover around which the Martian landscape is drawn. A new video released by the Chinese space agency allows you to hear the peculiar sounds emanating from Zhurong as the latter slides along his lander. An amazing sequence to discover at the end of the article. And that’s not all. The cameras on the rover immortalized the moment when its parachute deployed before best preparing for its landing on the Red Planet.

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Zhurong and Mars reveal themselves in impressive videos!

During his mission, Zhurong will not have time to twiddle his thumbs. The Chinese space agency wants to study in depth the particular characteristics of the red planet. In doing so, his rover will focus on studying the topography and geology of the planet. This could allow us to learn more about the existence of active volcanoes on Mars in the very near past, as a recent study suggests.

Zhurong will also work to detect if Martian soil contains ice, while a NASA study claims that the red planet is teeming with water. In addition to studying its minerals and rocks, the rover will finally take atmospheric samples. Ultimately, his mission will be spread over 90 Martian soils, or over three months.


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