March 2023 Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

March 2023 Cookie Run Kingdom Codes:

Cookie Run Kingdom is just a mix of a role-playing game and a city-building game. It is a mobile game that you can play for free. If a player wants to get ahead in the game, they can use the codes below to get free rewards.

The Cookie Run Kingdom Was Made By:

Cookie Run Kingdom was made by Dev-sisters. It has a gacha system, which means you’ll need codes to help you become the king of Cookie Kingdom faster.

With support of your cookie friends, you could indeed start from scratch and build your dream Cookie Kingdom and go on exciting quests all over the land.

But if you want to build a kingdom, you’ll have to gather Rainbow Cubes, Crystals, as well as other things so you can buy new things or improve existing ones.

You’ll need to have a lot of crystals to take out the nearly 100 cookies that are now in the game. Cookie Run Kingdom codes can help, but you’ll have to use them quickly because they don’t last long.

Our list is always being updated with the latest working as well as expired codes, so if you check back often, you won’t miss out on any free stuff.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
CHERRYSPRINGGIFT 20 Time Jumpers Active
BRAVESPRINGGIFT 300 Rainbow Cubes Active
HERBSPRINGGIFT 100 Stamina Jellies and 100 XP Star Jellies Level 5 Active
BLOSSOMINGGIFT 1k Crystals Active
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD1 100 Star Jellies Expired
CRKALWAYSLOVEYOU 3000 Gems, and 1500 Rainbow Cubes Expired
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD2 3x all Aurora Items Expired
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD3 100x Topping Pieces Expired
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD4 500x Rainbow Cubes Expired

How To Redeem Code:

To use codes in the game, follow these steps.

  1. Open Cookie Run: Kingdom
  2. In the top right hand side of the display, press the symbol with 3 lines.
  3. Touch settings
  4. Write down your player ID.
  5. Go to the coupon page for Dev-Play.
  6. Enter your player ID as well as the Cookie Run will start.
  7. Kingdom code.
  8. Click on claim prize
  9. Return to Cookie Run: Kingdom to get your things.

Character Tier List:

Tier Description
Tier A Cookies in this tier are undoubtedly the best ones to use in the current meta.
Tier B Although not the strongest cookies, they can still be devastating in multiple scenarios to help change the course of specific quests.
Tier C While these cookies can be overlooked in most situations, they are still capable of doing a decent job in specific scenarios.
Tier D These cookies should be avoided as much as you can. On top of being quite ineffective in battle, they also waste a notable amount of resources to train and upgrade.

Best Group And People:

A top team has both the strongest and the easiest-to-open cookies. At first, it can be hard to figure out which characters seem to be better for use in Cookie Run Kingdom.

With more than 70 different characters to pick from, even a small change can change the whole experience. Having said that, there are a few main things to think about when choosing who to bring with you to your next Cookie Run: Kingdom match.

  1. Rarity level
  2. Positioning preference
  3. Cookie type

The characters on the ranking of legendary as well as ancient cookies are among the strongest in the game. But it can be very hard to get powerful cookies like holly berry, white lily, or sea fairies.

So, players are strongly encouraged to invest in upgrades for epic-rated cookies like almond, pastry, snow sugar, werewolf, vampire, herb, eclair, cotton, or even cocoa cookies instead of trying to save up a ridiculous amount of resources for one of the strongest cookies in the game.

What Do Cookie Run Kingdom Codes Mean?

Players could get free crystals, rainbow cubes, as well as other items by typing in a single line of text and using one of the above codes.


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