Manon Tanti: her son’s product placement shocks internet users!

Manon Tanti is accused of using her son Tiago for product placement. A post that does not pass with Internet users.

Decidedly, Manon Tanti connects the bad buzz. Lately, the Marseillais star was the target of Internet users who accuse him of using his son for his product placements. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Manon Tanti under fire from critics

Influencers haven’t gotten good press since Booba has put his nose in this business. Determined to bring down the “influencers”, the rapper does not let go.

“We sincerely believe that people like you pose a threat to young people and to our children. We are fed up with crooks, fed up with the wind, fed up with the fake. Make way for talent and creativity. Only positive”had thus launched the Duke of Boulogne on his social networks last August.

A well-felt tackle against Magali Berdah against which the interpreter of the title “Mona Lisa” is at war. But if the celebrity agent is under fire from critics, the reality TV candidates she represents (or that she represented) also take it for their rank.

Lately, Manon Tanti was also the target of Internet users. The reason ? The Marseillais star used his son to do product placement.

In his story, it displayed the young Tiago a brand new pair of rangers on the feet. Shoes from a brand she collaborates with.

In shock, many tweeters reacted. ” I think that Manon Tanti is completely out of the legal framework child labor”, “Poor kid, he will really need a shrink later. I have a lot of pain for him”, “The shock”.

But also : ” What a shame ! “, “Ah well they want to make the most of having had children. We have to monetize them, the money no longer comes in with all the crappy product placements they have made. They feel the wind is turning and what better than a cute little boy to keep the money coming in »could we read on the networks.

A huge bad buzz for Manon Tanti. MCE TV tells you more!

A controversial reality TV candidate

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Manon Tanti is singled out. Indeed, the reality TV candidate was recently talked about, not because of her son, but because of a boating accident.

She was then accused of having lied to make people talk about her. ” We took a rock in the middle of nowhere. It is dark night. We called the emergency services 45 minutes ago, no one came. I find it very serious as a situation. I’m totally freaking out. I clearly had a fit of hysteria”she said on her social networks.

“There, I calmed down a bit. I hope they will arrive quickly because the boat is starting to drop to the water level little by little”. A version that the rescuers have contradicted.

“They were stranded on rocks, so they couldn’t sink. Before leaving, we knew that there was no human life in danger”, had thus entrusted Jean-François Léonard, president of the local SNSM, to Nice-Matin. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Manon Tanti has not finished talking about her.


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