Making Garbage Cubes in a Raft

Making Garbage Cubes in a Raft:

Raft by Redbeet Interactive is a crafting and adventure game that takes place in a setting with a lot of water. In the midst of the sea, you go on the prowl for food and gather materials for your floating house. In addition to collecting things, you may use in-game “money” called Trash Cubes to purchase things like recipes, cosmetics, and construction supplies. Here’s a guide on creating trash cubes for the game.

Yet later, individuals could discover that they have a lot of unnecessary items. These might range from typical Raft components like plastic to uncommon ones like feathers.

Trash Cubes are the primary kind of money utilized at Trading Stations in Raft. If you desire to acquire uncommon stuff, you should start making Trash Cubes rather early on. Our Raft Trash Cube tutorial describes how to construct Trash Cubes using the Recycler and where to get the blueprint for the Recycler.

What Trash Cubes Are:

Those are plainly garbage-made rubbish cubes. They are, in a less literal sense, a craft-able resource that may be traded at any island trading post. They may be traded for a wide variety of items, including titanium ore and uncommon resources like fishing bait. Since you may use the bait you can purchase at the Trading Posts to catch fish to sell back to the same post, they can be a very helpful method to earn vending machine tokens. Having a lot of trash cubes available will provide you a great starting point for buying the end game goods on sale as the rare resources you can buy from the Trading Posts are only acquired after you reach a specific reputation with them, which can be achieved by selling stuff back to them.

Creating Garbage Cubes:

You need to have a recycler in Raft to create trash cubes. Open the crafting menu when you get to the raft and check under Miscellaneous for the Recycler. You may begin creating your own Trash Cubes for the game once the Recycler is ready. One Garbage Cube requires a minimum of 150 units of resources. Just 600 units may be processed by the recycler at one time.

How To Construct A Recycler

The Blueprint for the Recycler is located in the Radio Tower; after obtaining it, go back to the raft. To create the Recycler, you’ll need these materials.

  1. Four Plastics
  2. Four ingots of metal
  3. Bolt
  4. Hinge
  5. The circuit board

Choose the material you wish to recycle, then click the action button on it. Depending on the material you choose, you may need to use a certain quantity. Although certain items rapidly fill the recycler, others do not. Moreover, some materials can’t be utilized to make trash bins.

Using The Recycler:

The machine must then be loaded with supplies. Simply place a finger on an object’s action button while holding it. One Garbage Cube will be created after around 3 minutes after adding enough items.

Keep in mind that only certain materials may be utilized for this device, and more expensive resources will cause the Recycler’s counter to run faster. For instance, a Metal Ingot is worth 75 points whereas a Stone only earns six.

How To Use Trash Cubes:

After you have a good number of Trash Cubes, you should dock at any large, arbitrary island you can locate not story islands. There will be Trading Stations on these islands where you may swap Trash Cubes for unique fishing bait. Use this bait to catch fish, and afterwards exchange the fish for unique recipes, furnishings, and blueprints at the Trading Post.

What Materials Can You Use To Make Trash Cubes:

  1. Three Stones
  2. Five Plastics
  3. Five Palm Leaves
  4. Five Feathers
  5. Eight Planks
  6. 10 Ropes
  7. 10 Nails
  8. 10 Seaweeds
  9. 13 Vine Goos
  10. 15 Scraps
  11. 15 Clays
  12. 15 Sands
  13. 19 Glasses
  14. 25 Leathers
  15. 30 Dirts
  16. 30 Giant Clams
  17. 30 Metal Ores
  18. 30 Coppers
  19. 38 Bolts
  20. 38 Hinges
  21. 38 Metal Ingots
  22. 38 Copper Ingots
  23. 60 Wet Bricks
  24. 60 Dry Bricks
  25. 75 Titanium Ores
  26. 75 Wools
  27. 94 Titanium Ingots

It takes the Recycler around three minutes to turn trash into trash cubes. If you want to make a significant purchase from the Trade Hub, you had best ensure that you have plenty of time and resources on hand.


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